beat ex-husband with husband

Peter 2022-07-17 19:51:59

The structure of the story is very clear.
After being ravaged by a group of different types of attackers, a shaky and black-bellied little Shou left angrily, turned around and found a new husband with a loyal dog and a heartless heart, and then took his husband to take the ex-husbands one by one. Defeated story.

I also like the pairing of each ex-husband on the new team.
My favorite is Erhuang’s captain attack~ I just kicked and said I’m kicking you when I have nothing to do. I’m so loving~ In terms of
appearance, I like Midorima the most, she looks gentle and gentle, but she’s actually very domineering and difficult to deal with, with arrogant glasses Soft hair is still my favorite cv Ono sister paper.

Heizi likes to like him when he is weak and speaks very powerful words. Vulcan is a good young man who is diligent and uplifting. A loyal dog attacking a horse, just wait for you to be bullied by a black belly!

In addition, I like the captain very much, dual personality, vicious tongue, glasses, big brother, spiritual support, if I transcend, I will fall in love with you~~! !
But looking at this posture, it should be able to bg with the coach sister. . . . . .

In short, I think it's still a very happy anime, and I will follow it up. Please come on!

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