It's a bug to take her husband to beat the sunspot of her ex-husband

Henderson 2022-07-17 16:56:56

Friendly reminder: Straight guys and otaku uncles, don't go to B station to watch, if you really want to go to B station to watch, don't click on the barrage... Otherwise, when I wait for the rotten woman to laugh and cramp, you will fall to the ground and die.

Well, the plot setting is very clear, that is, taking her husband to beat her ex-husband, sunspot is naturally shaking, Vulcan is a rare combination of mindless and unhappy, my family Xiaohuang and Xiaolu really are a pair of loving children. Ah TuT, a golden glitter who has been bullied for thousands of years, an awkward, arrogant and superstitious carrot... poof... Minasang might as well read the comics when he has a chance, it will be more passionate and passionate, and then Xiao Qingfeng will come out and estimate that there will be more Qinghuang parties. Nah, I also believe that this is destined evil.

Besides the bugs, in the comics, the fight against Ziyuan at 2.07 meters (you find me a Japanese person so tall!) It's unscientific that Kuroko actually blocked Ziyuan = = So I can't take it seriously! ! !

There is no lower limit to joy, look at black and blue this summer.

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