You, like Fahai, don't understand love!

Thea 2022-10-02 23:25:04

In fact, Tadasuke Fujimaki is a fan of "SLAM DUNK"!
Not happy with Sakuragi Huadao's hard-working diaosi setting? Bring tape! [One chance to reincarnate] Free shipping, dear! Returning from the United States, instantly tall, handsome and high-end!
The eccentric setting of the son of Inoue Dajin Rukawa Kaede is not pleasing to the eye? Cute big tits! living comfortably without anybody's help! Facial paralysis continues, No. 11 is the same as before, although he doesn't dribble or shoot on the court! [God-level passing skills] GET! We disdain to compare with them in muscle strength, speed, hit rate, hum! Just one [Existence ZERO] kills the entire universe!
The title is "Kuroko's Basketball", and I don't see "Basketball", and I can't even see "Kuroko" (the presence is 0). There are many stories about the protagonist's halo, but apart from Liuwa, have you ever seen an invisible man like the male protagonist? No, no, no, so you can say that this show is really good! !
You all who give bad reviews don't understand love! ! !
(Well I don't know OTL either)

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