Not feeling warm enough

Frances 2022-10-03 10:11:37

Giant, One Piece, April is your lie, Naruto, probably what I like more is the sense of resonance that the animation gives me. I defined it as a hot-blooded show before. It didn't bring me passion. The character and skills of each character were directly told to me through other people's descriptions. I didn't have time to resonate, and then I started to explain while playing the game. The reason for wanting to play basketball was not explained in the previous episodes. Too much, probably to promote team basketball? It’s not that I have to say it, but I feel that I can take the place of the protagonist, understand his desire to win, understand the sweat and his unwillingness, but it shows These emotions are not very strong, so I frowned and gritted my teeth, and then I changed my strategy, and I won, I won??? I may not know much about this kind of team competition, and it didn't drive my passion at all, so I feel that It's not hot-blooded, but I define this show as a hot-blooded show, and I can only regret it. But after reading some reviews, I found that many people say that the characters are very good and the plot is very good. I don’t know if it has improved a lot later or because of what. After all, I only watched a few episodes and didn’t dare to beep. The above is what I watched I just can't keep up with the views from the first few episodes.

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