I'm here to rant

Kristy 2022-09-27 16:10:25

A person with an extremely low sense of presence, close to zero, extremely poor physical fitness, and no sense of the ball and can't aim at the basket actually passes the ball from all kinds of strange angles without restrictions in the game, and then wins opportunities for the team, Nima, this is clear It's nonsense;

a rotten girl who seems to be a student who has only visited her father's training scenes a few times, can actually judge the ability value of a person's various parts with her eyes, Nima, I'm sure she's not rubbing oil

; Refers to the glasses man who holds different strange lucky things every day and can throw the ball into the basket by making a parabola on the court? ! Nima, this is not scientific!

An anime with no lower limit starting from the first episode of our male pig "naturally dumb" Kuroko's sentence "I have decided to become the shadow of Vulcan children's shoes", with such a high popularity due to Mao!

I miss Slam Dunk infinitely. After watching this drama, I suddenly felt that Sakuragi with white eyes was so cute.

I saw chapter 7 and gave up decisively~~~

PS: I am very impressed with Xiao Huang's shoes, one star for basketball, one for basketball Star to Xiao Huang~~~

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