Just as a base film, it is also a failure

Rosemarie 2022-11-19 16:42:05

The girl who pinched Xipi said not to compare the black basket with SD, the two types are different.
Of course, looking at the style of painting, you can see that they are completely different. SD follows a realistic style, focusing on blood, youth, growth, and a lot of details of actual combat. The strength of Sakuragi and others has also risen step by step, from losing to Lingnan in the practice match to defeating Shan Wang in the national competition to defeating Aihe, everything is logical.
As for the black basketball, obviously, the game scenes are obviously repeated. It can be seen that the TV production team did not spend any money on the game at all. With the title of "Heizi's Basketball", it seems that the focus is on Vulcan. Aside from this, there are a lot of nirvanas that are anti-human, anti-science and even anti-rules. Showing off their skills and fighting alone shows that the film not only ignores the rules of the basketball game, but also ignores the spirit of the basketball game-if the basketball game can be completed by only one person, why should five people cooperate?
There is a clue in this film that "five people's cooperative basketball values" saves "one person's single-player values", Huang Se is the first to be rescued, and the pair of rescuers, Black Fire, are still on the road of "right three views" Going farther and farther...
I have talked a lot before, just to prove that the two have very different styles in terms of spiritual core and external style, and this shows that the reason why the film is bad is not that it has The classic SD is in the lineup, but as a pure base film, no matter whether it is a sci-fi film, it has failed - its failure is a flaw.
First, the plot. In view of the near saturation of the Japanese animation industry and the proliferation of sports themes, under the condition that the upgrade route of fighting monsters is almost constant, the game - lose - stay together - game - win, the general routine has hardly changed, and the protagonist team naturally does not change. Possibly a complete victory, but in the end it must be won. Needless to say. But to keep the cliche plot from derailing, it has to make sense.
The most puzzling part of this film is: why did Haichang lose as soon as he came out? The previous foreshadowing is a joke. In the last episode, you still said that you can't even touch the heel of the generation of miracles. In the next episode, it will be overturned immediately. You actually upgrade!
Second, the characters. The most unsuccessful place for the black basket! In terms of painting style, it is the same, and the characters are obviously plagiarized. They all say that Vulcan looks like a child of Sakuragi and Rukawa, even the number is ten, and he is proud of his jumping ability. How can everyone not go Sakuragi's direction think? Besides, the yellow-haired guy who said sorry all the time, looks a little like Okita Sogou. Squinting his belly and black glasses, he could see at a glance—Ichimaru Gin had crossed over! It seems that there are not enough people in a film without a few squinting eyes.
I basically watched the film in two days and still can't recognize a few people! Every generation of miracles has a new CP. Is the 1+1 mode too monotonous? The B-mode girl who can see a bunch of numbers is obviously a reference to Caizi, right? Folding fan + hot temper, can it be a little good? Is the pink hair E cup girl called May? Seeing Mary Sue circulating infinitely in her mind a hundred times, did she travel through it? Manager + pink beauty + childhood sweetheart + great ability + know all the generations of miracles... sorry, I lost.
In character building, I only know how to use additional skills, but I don't know how to tap the inner character of the characters, that is, use some small characteristics to distinguish the characters. For example, Kuroko's low presence, Green Arrow's divination, Qingfeng's defiantness and Shihara's foodie attribute. These are just a small part of the character's external attributes, like only emphasizing that Xiandao likes fishing, but not showing his multi-faceted personality. Pale and powerless, only the most superficial things can be remembered, but it will never be able to create a living person. In contrast, Vulcan is much more three-dimensional.
In addition, the generation of miracles, especially that Akashi, has paved the way for a god-like existence, too far away, making people feel that it is not a high school student playing basketball but a seance of monsters, and because of this, his character outline has become more and more blurred. . After deification, when the day comes to fight monsters, I'm afraid I won't be able to come up with an eye-catching battle.
The lessons learned from BLEACH are still there, and those who repeat the same mistakes are still following one after another - Aizen said that it is amazing, collapse jade, conspiracy, Ichimaru Yin's mutiny, 2nd stage liberation, No. 0, mask... As a result, when Kurosaki Ichigo fought, it was not too much. big impact. Because everyone knows that they will definitely win, no matter what the protagonist's halo is, there is no possibility of losing. Interesting? Everyone shook their heads and dispersed. Several unique tricks have been upgraded, enhanced version, enhanced version 2, enhanced version 3, ... an old stalk is repeatedly chewed, and it is boring.
It's not a matter of different styles at all, nor is it a lack of aura. Technically, out!

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