This is not a rant, this is a very professional film review

Ericka 2022-10-24 20:52:08

I finally reluctantly finished watching Kuroko's first season,
except that the time of one game is shorter than that of Slam Dunk
, and the rest is full of slots.
This is too YY, the feeling of watching
this is the same as watching Zhou ×'s slam dunk.
Cursing and then seeing how rotten it can be
until the end, I am amazed that humans can actually be rotten! !
The game can still have such a long conversation,
do you think you are playing a stand-alone game, can you pause the chat and continue? .
This is clearly a two-person basketball.
Except for the captain's occasional slap in the face
, the dragons on the bench have never been seen and have
been sitting there.
I've never been the kind of person to rant. . .
The pitching posture is not that elegant and freehand
. The author is very unprofessional
, but I really want to see many familiar faces. . I
feel that the captain seems to be Jing Ye Huangse at
some point, and they are similar to Jin Zhuo's
pig's feet. Those two are too outrageous. God's eyes are dull , are you a puppet? How can this kind of film be compared with Slam Dunk! ! Author to die! ! With such a low physical fitness value, the movement speed is close to the snail speed , and it can move instantaneously and pass the ball at such a high speed. . Zhou ×× or something is completely weak . Midorima's high arc three-pointer can be lost, and it's still hollow. You think you are a Super Saiyan! ! To be handsome or not

If you want to be logical without logic
, if you can play with only passion and cuteness,
then I am also a supernatural being. .
But why am I such a scumbag on the court? . (crying) (crying)
And I don’t even consider supporting roles at all , I
can only say that
as long as you appear,
you are the pig’s feet in this episode! ! !
I suggest you take a look at fate stay night
, you will find a rainbow along the way.
I couldn't bear to watch that movie. . .
To sum up

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