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Glenna 2022-09-08 06:23:11

I went home during the May 1st holiday, my laptop was destroyed by my mother, and I could only use my Lumei 920 for 7 days. All kinds of things couldn't work. At this time, I chose "Heizi's Basketball".
I originally watched it casually, but who knew that after watching it, I liked it for two months.
I watched it twice in 7 days during the holiday, and I really liked it. The kind of person who has a weak sense of existence, but did not expect to be so strong! Because I watched it on my mobile phone, there were all kinds of screenshots, the mobile phone had the iQIYI client, and the second season was released, because the first season and OVA could not be downloaded, I was very sorry to say at that time.
Of course, mobile phone screensavers and the like have been replaced with characters in the play.
The Generation of Miracles, Vulcan, Tatsuya Himuro, Momoi, the hair color of these people is reflected in their names, but Kuroko does not. Probably because black is so common.
In the animation, there is a shadow of diagonal stripes under the neck of the person. It seems that I have never seen it before. The animation characters I watched before seem to be directly shadowed.
Also, I just found out after watching it several times. I forgot which episode it was, but it should be the second season. In one game, Kuroko and Vulcan had the same basketball jersey numbers, which were both No. 11. Appear. I discovered it at the time, and I was very concerned. Later, I went to Baidu Basketball Rules and found that this is not allowed.
Personally, I feel that the plot is a bit similar to the Prince of Tennis, winning all the time, then losing, and then training, training and playing against the strong teams that once played, and then winning back. During the period of various developments have a relatively large discrepancy. Of course, this is a personal opinion!
Loved it despite some flaws in my opinion.

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