It is suitable for middle and second-year teenagers who are in adolescence to watch

Dayana 2022-11-19 07:06:11

The rhythm of the plot is relatively fast, and the game is also very exciting! Interspersed with some daily routines, you will not feel bored quickly. I watched it a long time ago. I was very obsessed with it at the time. It was very cool to watch it. Heizi once became my male god, cute and cute. The supporting characters are also well portrayed, and their characteristics are very distinct. For example, the huge Ziyuan, who often eats pokey, is very cute. In my heart, I am a classmate Wang Lujian. The appearance is Huangse, the strong Akashi, and aho Qingfeng. Jun, lovely Momoi and so on. So that the output of the same people is particularly good, and it is fun to stew all kinds of CPs.

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