forty degrees sun

Makayla 2022-09-18 22:04:11

The male protagonist is a doctor, in his forties and fifties. He came to the island and worked as an outpatient doctor. He came in the autumn and lived a normal life. The people on the island respected him very much. One day in the summer, a group of men and women came to his clinic. A girl was injured while riding a bicycle. Then the male protagonist gave him medicine, and then the female protagonist and the young people were more open, and when they left, they told the male protagonist that they would go to the beach, and then they went. Go, since this time, the male protagonist seems to have fallen in love with the female protagonist. On the beach, the male protagonist plays with the young people, and goes to the bar at night. In this way, the male protagonist gets off work on time every day to find them, once Don't work overtime, even if there are patients waiting, never work overtime, once the heroine and the hero did it, since then the hero really fell in love with her, and the heroine said to continue tomorrow, and then the hero believed it was true, the result was the second I didn't find the heroine. I searched for a whole night, but I couldn't find it. On the third day, the hero collapsed. After five days, the heroine came back. It turned out that she went to another island with her good friend. The heroine treats her as her own woman, but the heroine and others don't think so, and feel that the hero is crazy, and then the heroine begins to be unwilling to communicate with the hero, while the hero is obsessed, and finally the hero is still on the beach I fell asleep and came to the emergency room. The male protagonist didn't arrive in time. Finally, the village chief fired the male protagonist. The male protagonist finally wanted to integrate into their young people, but was rejected. The male protagonist was very angry and took the needle. Looking for the heroine, he also fainted, and took him back to his outpatient clinic. When he was about to rape, he found that he still loved the heroine very much. Then bandage the woman's wound. That's horrible.

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