The youthful body cannot save the sadness of the middle-aged thermos cup

Maia 2022-09-18 21:01:18

Once upon a time, the mid-life crisis became the mantra of the post-90s. The thermos cups were soaked in wolfberry, and "the first post-90s were bald." The greasy middle-aged man who got married has long turned his mental crisis to the dining table culture. To form a bureau, a young and lively dinner party girl must appear, with a good face and a good figure, exuding the breath of youth all over his body, and he will return to his youth with himself. , Everyone raised a glass to persuade them, it seems that the mortgage and car loan are not a problem at this time, only the girl who glows at the dinner table is the truth.

The male protagonist of the film, Kostis, is probably such a person. He graduated with a master's degree in medicine, but he has achieved nothing when he is middle-aged. The autumn wind is bleak and the weather is cool, but the chilling weather on the island in winter is in line with his mood.

Being a monk for one day a day, ah no, being a doctor hits the clock for one day, he treats the current bland life like the sea in winter, cold and calm, and there is a dark power underneath.

Therefore, for Costis, who is old and full of pork belly, when he encounters Anna who suddenly appears, it is naturally a bright light in his boring life, and he can't help but want to catch it.

The title appears 11 minutes later, and the atmosphere of the island changes from a chilling winter to a hot summer, and for Kostis, the real summer on the island begins with the appearance of Anna.

This girl is beautiful and arrogant. A small act of kindness can make her kiss you enthusiastically. For Costis, who is in a dark mood, there is no doubt that a ray of sunshine penetrates the dark clouds and shines on him.

Unfortunately, reality is always cruel.

The lonely Kostis confessed to Anna solemnly:

However, reality is always cruel.

Lonely Kostis confessed to Anna solemnly——

I haven't been myself for the past few years, my life is a mess
my emotions are a mess
until i met you
I'm sorry if I forced you
i love you i want us to be together

What he received was ridicule from young men and women around Anna. He fell in love with Anna, and even more so with Anna's arrogant youthful appearance, nostalgic for his lost youth, and looking forward to starting over from the dark life in front of him.

But just like Suntan in the title, Costis with a white beer belly looks out of place on the beach. Other tourists, no matter if they are fat or thin, either lie on the beach and bask in the sun, or jump into the sea to play. Costis is still thinking about Hiding in his little hat, he desperately smeared sunscreen on his white body.

When young people who are looking for fun come to the island, Kostis is the one who pays the bill in the bar; in winter when the young people are away, Kostis also feels uncomfortable sitting in the bar.

Costis, who is nostalgic for Anna, pursues Anna crazily, and even embarks on the road of crime, but just wants to add light to his decadent life and try to get rid of the loneliness of his dark life.

After years of accumulation, even if his career is mediocre, Costis can still have more wise views and experiences about life. It's a pity that he casts all his attention on Anna, ignores his work, ignores the beauty he originally had, and makes life completely ruined.

Originally working diligently, even though Kostis seemed indifferent, the residents of the island were kind to him, but his attitude of giving up everything for Anna kept everyone away from him. It seems that only Anna is left for Kirstis. He used his loneliness to force himself to a corner with no way out.

But can Anna, who met by chance, lead him out of this lonely siege?

What awaited him in the end was a deeper spiritual cage.

Every person who comes here to revel in the summer understands that this place is just for entertainment, and who will really care about your loneliness that has nowhere to go:

"We came to this island to have sex, not to enjoy loneliness"

Loneliness can only be healed by itself, not by a living body.

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