To Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the Black Basket Comics

Verlie 2022-10-23 20:04:48

I found out this December is the 10th anniversary of the Black Basket comics! Ten years ago, I was still in my second year of junior high school. I was so busy with my studies that I didn't have the energy or ability to pay attention to this comic. Ten years later, I realized that as for my evaluation of the black basketball, many people have already commented on it, and what I said is only a comprehensive overview of their evaluations - "If you can accept superpower/fantasy basketball. You can still watch it with relish, otherwise it will be hot eyes for you" "Excellent painting, excellent music" "Delicate psychological description of characters" "The author didn't understand basketball at first, but he gradually improved his basketball knowledge in the negative comments of readers. "I personally think it looks pretty good. PS: It is the animation of the black basket that makes the animation company ProductionI.G get rid of the financial crisis (this is true, before the animation of the black basket the company launched other animation works unsuccessful), PIG has the ability to do volleyball youth animation. If the animation of the black basket is unsuccessful. It is really very likely that IG will go out of business before taking over the animation of Volleyball Boys. Some people say that even if IG doesn't take over, other companies will take over. I admit this, but can you guarantee that other companies' animation production and promotion are better than IG's? Could Volleyball Boys still become a hit? You can still see such an excellent animated volleyball boy, of course, I also love watching volleyball boy. 12 years of animation, and then the second season, the total episode, and the theatrical version. . . . . . I really found that there are so many works in the animation of Black Basket. It turns out that time is really scary, it is very long and very short. The same is true for us. We pay attention to this work, praise it, complain about it, and share it with others, all of which are full of memories! Now, it's over, but many of us still love this work, and many people regard the black basket as their destiny. Ono Xianzhang also became popular because of the black basket. Anyway, Ono Xianzhang is also one of my favorite seiyuu, so am I. I hope we can still love this work in the next ten years!

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