Science Fiction Basketball in the Age of Wonders

Joannie 2022-10-30 23:44:33

When it comes to talents in the world, if they are divided for a long time, they must be united, and if they are united for a long time, they must be divided.

The basketball department of Teiko Middle School has five basketball geniuses who are rare in ten years, Akashi Seijuro, Shihara Atsushi, Aomine Daiki, Midorima Shintaro and Kise Ryota, and under this strong light, there are few hidden people. The sixth person who knows the fantasy - Tetsuya Kuroko.

Tired of the Teiko culture that honors the winner, Kuroko joined the basketball club of Seirin High School after graduating, and met a fellow student, Vulcan Daiga, who came back from the United States. Light and shadow meet again, Seirin defeated Haichang and Sude in the practice match and the main game successively, but in the end, he was defeated by Tong Huang, who played for Qingfeng, and missed the national competition.

In order to get rid of the shame in the Winter Cup, Coach Aida Reiko led the basketball team to start two camps in the seaside and in the mountains for a summer vacation. Vulcan began to practice his amazing jumping ability and left-handed ability to fight for air dominance. And Kuroko also tried to develop secret skills other than passing, that is, the disappearing dribble, to enhance ground combat capabilities.

More importantly, Muki Tepping, the founder of Seirin High School, ended his recuperation in the hospital and returned to the team. At this point, Seirin's strongest starting lineup has finally been assembled, heading towards the Winter Cup.

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