Part One

Heath 2022-09-21 15:29:21

A show based on true events.

Deliberate use of shaky footage, lots of ins and outs, third perspective, to create a documentary feel. But it seems that the audience does not buy it, and there are many voices of criticism. I really like this feeling, there is a sense of authenticity.

Actor Steve Fulcher is played by Martin Freeman in the BBC version of Sherlock. Every time the camera was given to him, I realized that this was not a documentary. His acting skills are still top-notch. When he learned that his colleague Ray hanged himself, he said two Whats. The first one expressed his shock at the news, and the second one expressed his incomprehension about his colleague's suicide. Combined with his facial expressions, the performance was very good.

In addition, there are no bright and beautiful actors. In fact, the actors of the two mothers are quite famous. But the makeup and costumes in this show are very ordinary, and the aging faces are more helpful to express the heartbreak of two mothers who lost their daughters.

One of the mothers waited for her daughter outside the bar, didn't wait, and then went to hand out sandwiches to the street girls outside the bar, and there was a hint of sadness when she asked them for help.

The police drama has now entered a bottleneck period, and it is difficult to find new ideas. Let's see if this A Confession can make a breakthrough. I am very optimistic about it.

The names of this year's new dramas are so general. Another new police drama in September, The Capture, has such a big and uniform name that there is no suitable Chinese counterpart.

From the first episode, "Confession" temporarily lost to "Catch".

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