It's better to have more love while you're young

Alexander 2022-09-18 19:44:08

Movies are the epitome of human nature in reality, and it is also different people's different attitudes towards life. Anna and her friends are open-minded and hedonistic about life. There is a detail, in the bar of the carnival night, the host announced that everyone can kiss each other and the people next to them. The camera then captures a pair of young men and women who start kissing each other in solitude. The male protagonist couldn't let go at first, after drinking a glass of wine. The male protagonist grabbed Anna, held up her face and started kissing her. Anna also gave a warm response. At this time, a male friend separated them and went to kiss the male protagonist. The "FUCK YOU" male protagonist pushed him away angrily, and pulled Anna to continue the wonderful sweetness just now. At this time, Anna expressed her refusal for the first time in the whole play, "You either kiss everyone present, or don't kiss anyone." After speaking, he kissed his male friend next to him affectionately. At this time, the male protagonist is very lost. The male protagonist does not talk much about love and does not understand the truth of how men and women get along. Loving her does not mean that he wants to possess her. The male protagonist mistakenly thought that Anna liked her, and he was deeply attracted by Anna's enthusiasm and sexiness. But Anna showed her attitude at the first rejection of him, and I treat you and all my friends the same. It's a pity that the male protagonist doesn't understand, he has fallen deeply into his emotional abyss and cannot wake up. I also understand this point for the vast majority of men and women who lack love experience, because I have also made such a mistake.

According to the male protagonist's wrong concept of life in the past, the male protagonist feels that Anna likes himself, and he also likes Anna. I have the right to possess Anna and say to her: I want to be with you. The uncles born in the 1970s did not understand the way of life for young people in their 20s. Everyone was looking for fun with each other, but no one was the only one. Originally, for a twenty-year-old young man, life is still very long. Isn't it sad to be bound to a tree so early. After all, Anna is too young to understand the inner world of the male lead doctor, Uncle. The male protagonist is a single uncle who is 20 years older than her. For him, he is more urgent to find the other half of his life. Physiologically, his desires were suppressed long enough. In real life, all of his former classmates became families, had children and bought a house, and he "lagged behind" too many of his peers. Meeting such a young, sexy, and beautiful girl made him eager to release his long-closed emotions. So that Anna suddenly felt the emotional pressure, coercion and control of the male doctor.

Most people don't like to be controlled. The biggest mistake made by the male protagonist is to ask Anna to tell him wherever she goes. What the uncle didn't understand was that when Anna and her friends came to this island, they came to free the bondage and enjoy the freedom of youth. Don't work, eat, drink, don't wear anything, enjoy the sun and the freedom of the mind on the beach.

According to the male protagonist's uncle's life values, he should find a conservative girl who doesn't go to nightclubs very often, wears a bra, and has a traditional sexual concept. Two different people, when they meet, cannot understand each other, and are doomed to break up.

Although I understand the male protagonist, the second and biggest mistake made by the male protagonist is not having his own professional ethics. As a doctor, the male protagonist turned down a patient who came to see a doctor. The reason for the rejection was that it was past get off work hours, but he wanted to go to Anna urgently. Being a doctor is ruthless. Ironically, the next day, Anna pretended to be a patient and went to the male protagonist's doctor at two o'clock in the afternoon, wanting the male protagonist to play with her. At the beginning, this time the male protagonist has not fallen into the emotional quagmire, and he is still in the quagmire. Unfortunately, later, the more slippery and deeper. From the perspective of human nature, this is understandable. From the perspective of a normal man, it is difficult for anyone to be completely self-controlled when they are seduced by an unusually young and beautiful young woman. What's more, the male protagonist who has suppressed his emotions for so long needs an outlet.

Blame it that the male protagonist talks less about love.

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