End of the sixth episode

Americo 2022-09-21 15:49:26

life goes on.

After Steve Fulcher resigned, he went to Libya to train police.

Like me, I quit my job and went to Canada to find a job.

The difference is that if it were me, I would definitely not go back and testify for them.

Fulcher's wife encouraged him, You're doing the right thing. I used the same word for the title of my third episode of the show.

So I really admire Fulcher, even though he has suffered so much damage, he is still able to do the right thing for his beliefs.

Change the judge and everything will be different. That's the flaw in the system. One word - if you are lucky, if you meet a reasonable person, everything will be much easier; if you are unlucky, if you meet a confused person or a mercenary person, life will be very difficult.

During my last ten years in the system, all three of my immediate supervisors only had a technical secondary school degree. I have also had moments of naivety, thinking that education is not everything. But in fact, people with limited education are indeed limited in their horizons, and their minds are often very narrow. In the original work unit, there is still a phenomenon in which a technical secondary school student is the director of a group of postgraduate students. I can only teach my children, as long as this phenomenon exists, never go back.

Vicious people are also endless, waiting to snoop like cockroaches, looking for opportunities to harm people. Like Halliwell in this show, I also imagine that if he hadn't said anything about Becky at the time, Fulcher would have kept his career. I didn't expect people to pull him into the water on purpose, I really don't know when they offended such a villain. The vicious look that Halliwell gave Fulcher in the courtroom was truly chilling.

Becky's mom is a wonderful, assertive, confident voice in front of reporters, always supporting Fulcher, in stark contrast to the false claims made by the police.

Sian's mother married out of vulnerability because she was afraid of being alone, but she chose to leave in the end. She was also a brave woman. Talking about the awakening of women, you don't need to clench your fists with a face of righteous gnashing of teeth. Like this drama, it is logical and natural, and it is the realm.

Everyone's procedure for dealing with grief is different. Elaine has not cried since her daughter's accident, but seeing her daughter's boyfriend holding hands with her new lover, she may only realize that her daughter is really gone and her life has turned a new chapter. She cried a lot, life is really hard.

Life goes on, I hope they are all calm and happy in real life.

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