Bottom line is to think independently

Ruthe 2022-10-19 14:10:22

The rhythm of the script is very tight, which also led me to watch six episodes in 24 hours. The overall feeling is very exciting and surprising.

In the end, Felcher, like the man at the beginning, was "betrayed" by his former police colleagues and cast aside by everyone. Fortunately, Felcher did not embark on the road of Ray's suicide. Both Ray's and Felcher's careers were ruined, why is that?

Looking back at the beginning of the matter, you will find that gradually the people around you choose to sit on the other side, choose to stand on the side of the rules, choose not to say anything, and any sinister person who wants to take advantage of this situation to gain power and suppress anyone can easily make the situation worse. This is no joke.

Everything is unpredictable, what to do determines what responsibility, and if we don’t make a decision, we don’t take responsibility. Our rank and position implicitly suggest who should make decisions and take responsibility, and who can avoid responsibility. Maybe Felcher's subordinates can't blame, but what about his boss. Why could his boss change his mind at the discipline hearing and disapprove of Felcher's approach, so that he completely lost the support from the top. Just somehow, people at higher level could manage to get away with that, but people at lower/middle level could not. People are even more disappointed.

Maybe it's because it's none of my business, maybe it's because my own interests are more important, maybe it's because I can only watch it helplessly.

In the final analysis, it is because when a complicated situation occurs, there are good and bad, meritorious deeds, and people have no way to judge, nor can they find a standard answer, and others will congratulate you at first, and then attack you in groups. I often wonder, when this happens, are our responses really coming from our own brains, or are we simply imitating the behavior of others. Are we really thinking for ourselves?

Hope never lose the courage to think bravely about your own conclusions.

By Wo

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