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Tremayne 2022-10-25 17:38:15

In the Internet age, playing is the heartbeat. Perhaps the most eye-catching is porn.

Although this is the oldest profession of human beings, with the evolution of human beings and the development of science and technology, it has galloped to an unprecedented situation. When the girl Justina uploaded the selfie of herself from head to toe and having sex with her boyfriend Deyol on the Internet without exception, the so-called girl's shame was gone. The whole movie made me feel like there was only endless haze, and the teenage porn made me not at all fond of it, let alone beautiful. Am I really getting old, or am I tired of such so-called literary films, but please be patient.

I still don't understand why the 28-year-old Serbian female director Maja Milos insisted on filming such a film "Blonde Youth" (2012), just to make a splash in the international film industry or win a blockbuster , or really want to expose the truth, in order to sincerely show the crazy life of girls in the suburbs of Belgrade. The question is, what is the point of such a blindly reckless presentation.

Of course, my question like this reminds me of the time when Laomouzi took "The Big Red Lantern" and "Judou" to foreign film festivals and was criticized by some domestic people, saying that he always wanted to show the ugliness of the Chinese or give Chinese people are ashamed. I seek to avoid such ideological conceptualizations.

In addition, we will not just define such a movie as the whole Serbian young girls are so obsessed. But it is undeniable that "Sexy Youth" will take us into a heavy and suffocating black hole. It was as if there was no light, no hope, no life without basic etiquette, just a vision of raw sex, exhibitionism, and decadence.

Jasina has a sickly father, a hardworking mother, and a younger sister. But this girl has nothing else to do except with her female classmates, who shuttled around the dark places all night to hook up with men, that is, her boyfriend Deyol, let alone study hard every day. Even if I go home and help my mother to do some things to share, it always makes my mother worry. The sick dad never blamed her. Every time she came home, she slammed the door shut and took a selfie. Mom couldn't stand her and was hysterical about her once. Home, for Jasina, who only focuses on lust, is just a virtual existence, a nest.

For Jasina, the whole world is upside down, empty, boring and hopeless. Only when Deyol pushes her hard can she feel an unprecedented sense of security and a moment of joy, otherwise, the whole world will be lost. She doesn't exist, not even a sick and overworked relative. In her eyes, the appearance of me has nothing to do with anyone, only myself is the only existence. This kind of complete physical and mental exhaustion just shows how deficient and confused Jasina is in her heart.

What is puzzling is that the movie never introduces what happened to Jia Sina's father. Just like Dai Liyan in "Spring in a Small Town", his wife Wenxiu can only accept this dead marriage sadly, only when Zhang Zhichen is carrying it. The box entered the house, and the couple's life took a different turn. Of course, that doesn't change their ending.

I wonder if Jasina's father is the root cause of the civil war in Kosovo. After all, such disabled families can be found everywhere in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and throughout the Balkans. If this is the case, then this film may want to dig into the reason why the Jasinas are lost now, and I can accept such an implicit inquiries.

Just like when "Spring in a Small Town" was filmed, the Kuomintang, as the ruling party, was about to lose the mainland and fell apart. Reality is just a real astonishment of the continuation of history, and everything has a reason.

But as far as Jia Sina is concerned, the so-called lustful youth is just falling into a huge dry well, unable to save herself or be saved. All the seemingly degenerate process of her is actually just a loss of self-security. It's not her sadness, but the sadness of the whole world. Because in today's globalized world, no one in any country (except North Korea of ​​course) can stay out of it. The more technology develops, the emptier the human spiritual world becomes. It would be understandable if the young female director tried to explain such a scene from this perspective.

The end of the film specifically states that the girls involved in the filming of this film are all minors, and only they and their parents have seen the film. Starting from kindness, I hope that the characters Jasina in the film can be saved. After all, their lives are still long, or they are just beautiful flowers that have just bloomed. But I still have to say, why the innocent and bright face is getting farther and farther away from our world, why? !

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