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Stefan 2022-10-27 12:19:53

I watched this TV series from 2019 intermittently during the epidemic, and the motivation that started to attract me to watch this TV was actually the male protagonist (who can say that I haven’t seen Sherlock Holmes, and of course the male protagonist is excellent in true love first) performance), the first three episodes thought it was a crime-solving film, but the last three episodes focused the plot on domestic legal issues in the UK. I read some comments saying that I don’t like Becky’s biological father. In fact, this is just a cause The characters in the last three episodes. The first three episodes told that the male protagonist solved the case, and by the way, Becky's remains were discovered. The latter three episodes did focus on the legitimacy of the male protagonist's case-solving procedure, which can be attributed to the lack of arrest and failure of the suspect. Inform the Miranda Law, so the last three episodes are still discussing a common question in the judicial circle, that is, which is more important, procedural justice and substantive justice, and where is the extended boundary of procedural justice. For a person who has studied law For me, there is no doubt that I know that procedural justice is very important. Whether it is the Simpson murder case (the fruit of the poisonous tree) or the plot of this drama, this point of view is clearly expressed, but it is always the case whether domestic or foreign is over-pursuing The inability to achieve fairness and justice caused by procedural justice is quite criticized, and this drama also has this implication. I don't want to discuss this philosophical issue in too much depth here. I just want to share some of my thoughts on a part of the plot of the play. First of all, the male protagonist in the plot did not inform the criminal suspect of his rights according to due process. Caused myself to lose the job I liked. What I don't understand is that the male protagonist here for some reason did not follow the rules as persuaded by his colleagues. The saying in the play is that the male protagonist is trying to save the victim, but it can't help people diverge. Going to Lenovo's male protagonist may be to strive for a greater achievement or performance. This is where he does not follow the rules and can be attacked in court and in private, because as a senior police officer, he naturally understands the meaning of obeying the rules; Secondly, the mother of Becky, described in the play, mobilized the masses to hold a huge petition activity with the help of the members of her constituency. What is the difference between so-called characteristicism? Especially the pictures of Cameron's parliamentary questioning in the play and the words of Theresa May, who was the home secretary at the time, made me feel a touch of magical realism because it was too close and real. As I grew older, when I was young, I felt how important democracy and freedom were, but now I think more about Petofi's famous quote "Freedom, how many sins are you?

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