A detective drama worth thinking about

Nelle 2022-10-27 23:28:39

Each of these episodes is embarrassing. The short six-episode story condenses too many emotions. The emotions of the families of two missing girls make people see the good and evil, bravery and retreat of human nature. The two victimized girls were completely different in their lifetimes, one was clean and the other was willing to degenerate. The two families live next to each other, but the common grief does not shorten the distance between them, but creates a gap of guilt.

The two families who lost their daughters have different stories. They are both divorced and reorganized families. Elaine, the mother of a good girl, seems to be trapped in life. In addition to breast hyperplasia, suspected cancer, insomnia, and depression, she has never dared to go. Confront the mom of another missing girl. The bad girl's mother, Karen, was full of courage and continued to fight for rights and interests through various channels, shouting for her missing daughter, and running for the suspended police officer Steve Fulcher. The performances of the two mothers are very brilliant. The aging faces and tired expressions vividly show the grief after losing their daughter. Looking at their appearance, it really makes people think in a trance that they are mothers in reality, suffering in reality. .

The bad girl's mother Karen is full of thoughts and love for her missing daughter, but her ex-husband is completely an unreasonable bad person. It is precisely because of his complaint that Superintendent Steve Fulcher was finally suspended from duty. The hatred of the police officer of the daughter's body goes far beyond the hatred of the murderer. Such chaos and unreasonableness may have made me unbelievable many years ago, but when the experience of life has taught us too much, we have already accepted all the It is impossible that such a person really exists. Like this TV series based on a true story, a mad and unreasonable father contributed to a typical case in the history of British policing, ruining the career of a superintendent who tried to save the lives of two girls.

How to choose professional ethics, pursuit of truth, and personal career, reputation? Watson plays a wise and conscientious policeman in this drama. The purpose of his case handling is to race against time to find the missing girl alive, but it backfires. For perhaps a decision that cannot be called a wrong one, he ruined himself. His career and reputation, seeing the scrutiny of him, deeply felt his powerlessness, everyone in the system is trapped in the system, you must obey the system, no matter how good you are as an individual, The country will not care about the direction of your life alone.

This is a detective drama worth thinking about. It is defined as a detective drama, but in essence it discusses the system of a country and the choice of one of the individuals, which will also bring us a lot of inspiration.

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