Dagmar 2022-10-25 20:02:59

Serbia's 2012 R-rated movie "Klip / Clip", to be honest, I originally downloaded this movie for a screenshot of a close-up of a blowjob. But in fact, there are not many sex scenes in the movie, and, although it is very revealing, the selection and length of the scenes are not enough to cause too much physical reaction. Compared with the domestically produced "Adolescence" series, if you say "color", "Adolescence", although it does not reveal at all, should be included in the restricted level.
If "Youth in Love" is a movie that reflects "youth", I think it is better to use youth to obscurely reflect the reality and future of this country or society. From the scenes of the film, you can see the poverty of the country: material and spiritual are quite poor. And young people find joy in the addictions of alcohol, drugs and sex. If it is said that the younger generation is the future of this country, where does the future come from?

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