please exercise your rights

Cassidy 2022-10-09 20:20:36

Only then did I know that the male starred in Sherlock's Watson. Doubt, thinking, helplessness, and anger are all expressed through his eyes. His acting skills are really good!

Born in this society, I don't know what is the best system and what should be. The national system is established in the direction of the general direction and the general trend. There will always be some loopholes or exceptions that conflict with the system. The progress of the legal system is to constantly amend, fill in the loopholes, and then improve. The process is always without the hard work and sacrifice of some people.

However, when faced with misfortune, being able to insist on running and calling out like Betsy's mother, exercising her existing rights, and fighting for rights for her daughter and justice, is such a precious kindness and strength. However, in reality, there are too many people who face injustice or loss, swallow their voices in front of the legal system, and don’t believe in the police (of course, after experiencing the previous incident, I do have doubts about the police’s handling of cases, but they are still good police officers who are dedicated and responsible for serving the people) , Self-righteously look down on your own power, waste your rights, and live in peace. For such people, how can the society return you justice and respect you.

I just want to say that when faced with misfortune, everyone should be brave and exercise their rights. Even if the results are unsatisfactory, you are still contributing a small part of your strength to this society!

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