I love it! Looks great

Renee 2022-07-12 23:25:31

Although at first, I could not figure out what the film was talking about, I only saw the director's camera keep beating.
Although the subject matter is very old-fashioned, many of these plots should be nothing new to people who are increasingly stressed by world resources and have very pessimistic expectations of their future living environment.
But I don't think that the theme of this film is actually very difficult to understand. Even in the suspenseful time before, there are still many small details that can be seen about his general theme. However, there are some small details that I don't quite understand. It seems that the explanation is not clear. Why did it mutate into a monster or something, but this is not the point. Maybe it's too lazy to explain that it is a fictional theory anyway~~
After reading the feeling that has lingering fears, it's really true. great! Well done for a suspense thriller, isn't it! clap hands~

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