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Don 2022-07-12 18:21:09

2012.3.9 Watching:

Occasionally turned to this film when changing channels, and the darkness at the beginning made me realize that it is a thriller. Out of my love for thrillers, I waited patiently until the end.

As mentioned in many film reviews, the first 20 minutes of the opening were spent in darkness and torment, and occasionally there was a glimmer of light but flashed by. The picture is in a trance, the environment, the characters are dirty, there is no speech to talk, only the rapid breathing and the faint abnormal sound in the distance. There is nothing exciting about the whole story, and some of the plots are not clear. During the viewing process, I checked the introduction on the Internet, and then I was able to understand the content of the film a little bit.

Excerpt from the core content of the film:
- The person on the 4th floor is in a desperate situation. Facing the protagonist, he can only persuade him to commit suicide.

-3 layers of people, life has withered. He tried to regenerate nature, but failed.

People on the -2nd floor, unbelievable to see people who have not been polluted, but can instead regenerate nature.

The person on the -1st floor, that was an Eve, ate the forbidden fruit with the pure Adam.

Back at the ground control center, the truth is revealed.

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  • Man on wall: I don't know how you survived 'til now but please: get away!