The wind blows and the sea flows -- A Horrifying Romance

Ethel 2022-07-04 08:49:19

I saw "The Portrait of Jenny" again today. This movie was first heard in San Mao's book. When she was still bewildering teenagers, this film was like a nightmare, and the song in it kept entangling her nerves and couldn't get rid of it:

Where I come from nobody knows
where I am going everything goes.
The wind blows, the sea ​​flows,
nobody knows.
And where I am going, nobody knows. I

still remember the translation at that time:

Where did I come from, nobody knows.
Where I'm going, everyone has to go.
The wind is blowing and the sea is rushing.
Wherever I want to go, everyone must go.

To be honest, the lyrics are really weird. I thought about it at the time, and interpreted it as life and death: where it came from, no one knew; where it was going, everyone had to go. And the reason why it makes Sanmao a nightmare is that the mystery of life and death suddenly strikes in a literary film, hitting an extremely sensitive nerve.

Later, when I saw a color version of "The Portrait of Jenny," I thought that was what Sanmao saw. But I don't remember if there was that song. Watching the 1948 version directed by William Dieterle and starring Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotten today, I was surprised that Sanmao should be watching this. It starts off like a rom-com until Jennifer Jones sings that song out of the blue. The singing is so strange, like a ghost traveling through time and space.

The old man didn't think it was a horror movie. Of course, it's so different from the horror movies of today. But I still think it's scary, in a sense even more than a movie like "Midnight Bell". I won't shed tears like Sanmao, but I understand why she does that.

Speaking of "Midnight Bell". A while ago, in order to write an assignment, I carefully read the American version of "Midnight Bell". Found it to be a really good movie. Visually and in terms of plot, the structure is seamless, each set-up is paid off at the right time, and it is as delicate as a suspense detection novel. I watched "Jenny's Portrait" today, and found that the American version of the bell has inherited a lot of things, such as the lighthouse in the sea, for example, here Jenny said: I didn't learn it, I just know; and the girl in the bell Say: I didn't make them. They just...are.

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