scary but not gorgeous

Verlie 2022-09-18 13:06:53

Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to write a well-thought-out story in 20 minutes.
But the atmosphere rendering is really in place.

The eternal blood red sky with the dark main color seems to put people in hell.

The terrifying environment gives people terrifying thoughts, and
terrifying thoughts give people terrifying power, and

he overcomes nature, overcomes self, and even overcomes terror.
He used wisdom, cunning, and cruelty to the extreme in his anxiety and anxiety,
but he was enslaved by his emotions.
He became unable to forgive,
and the small dissatisfaction on weekdays could be the reason for killing.

This state of being ready to fight at any time made him restless,
and even lost his reason and judgment.

When he escaped from the house, what other people must think is:
This guy must be crazy because he has been drifting at sea for too long.

But no one cared about the suffering and hellish experience he had suffered,
because he lost to his own demons.

While he's never been wrong,
it turns out that he was really, really, really, really wrong.

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Tales of the Black Freighter quotes

  • The Sea Captain: I give my life for nobility! Even if I fail in my attempt, I take solace in the fact that I will see my family again in Heaven!

    Ridley: Heaven? Oh there is no Heaven captain. Believe me sir. I would know by now.

  • The Sea Captain: My raft had grown increasingly grotesque, reflecting my own transformation. Adrift, my darkest imaginings welled up unchecked, spilling from brain to heart like ink. Impossible to remove.