Salvation or Destruction? To watch or to depart?

Javon 2022-09-18 15:55:30

After watching this film, I pondered for a long time:

1. The captain lost the entire crew due to the attack of the black ship, and all died. In such a situation, people are desperate! However, the only hope is that the wife and children are safe, and bless them not to be attacked by the black ship...

2. The captain thought he was about to drown, but he grabbed the sculpture and prayed to the sky like a desperate woman. It's not his mood at the moment... The remains of the dead crew members are rotting and smelly, but the captain is still watching. He will bring some fragments back to his hometown, never be a foreign ghost

3. The small raft is attacked by a shark , The insignificance of human beings, the approach of despair, is like being in purgatory, can people still hold on to their beliefs at that time? Can it be holy? Eating seabirds raw when hungry... A holy man is always holy in his heart, and he still has hope: his wife and children are safe!

4. He began to doubt and doubted his beliefs: the corpses of the crew persuaded him not to go back, they were all dead, and the phantom of the passing black ship showed the severed heads of his wife and children... People are often because of their own Doubt and collapse, often because of their own impulses, start to take another path: revenge!

5. What is the person who does not even care for death? is the devil! Why?

6. When he returned to his hometown, he killed innocent people and his wife by mistake, and he escaped. What is the most desperate thing? The most desperate is to lose everything that one believes in, the most desperate is to have fought for good things, and finally been destroyed by good things. What is the most hopeless? The most desperate thing is that now I can never return to the homeland that I can easily set foot on. What is the most hopeless? The most desperate thing is to be betrayed by your own heart! ! ! ! ! !

This film is too classic, in just 20 minutes, what kind of picture, what kind of unforgettable, what kind of human nature and reality! ! !

Sober because of the dark, standing because of disappointment.

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  • The Sea Captain: I give my life for nobility! Even if I fail in my attempt, I take solace in the fact that I will see my family again in Heaven!

    Ridley: Heaven? Oh there is no Heaven captain. Believe me sir. I would know by now.

  • The Sea Captain: My raft had grown increasingly grotesque, reflecting my own transformation. Adrift, my darkest imaginings welled up unchecked, spilling from brain to heart like ink. Impossible to remove.