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Dexter 2022-09-18 17:24:24

The short 20-minute picture gives people a shock.
Using traditional two-dimensional animation techniques, the unique strokes express the darkness and cruelty of fantasy and reality.

The rough style of the original painting is worthy of praise!

People can easily face He oppressed and tortured the outside world, but he couldn't face the distortion and alienation of the truth he believed in for a long time. The captain stayed away from his family and spent half his life pursuing honor, money and status, and was distorted by the

environment after the disaster.

It is easy to remind people of the bubble economy era in the United States. The financial tsunami hits like a black ship, completely destroying all desires that human beings should not have. The earth home for species to survive.

Although human beings know that disaster is coming, if human beings try to control their desires and delay the occurrence of this fact, then the black sails floating in the distance will not be able to dock.

If human beings want to protect the environment , should start with abstinence!

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Tales of the Black Freighter quotes

  • The Sea Captain: I'd had swallowed too much sea water. I had swallowed too much horror.

  • The Sea Captain: I headed east. East, borne on the bodies of murdered men. Hope can be a horrible thing.