My beloved - Jenny's film "The Picture of Jenny" film review

Cullen 2022-10-18 12:34:45

When did I have this feeling, I also suddenly went to watch this black and white film ("The Portrait of Jenny") which was not so glorious. Maybe at first, I was just attracted by Sanmao's unique vision. Because I've always remembered the ghostly and elusive Jenny I'd seen years ago.
Jenny is a girl with a unique temperament. She is not always so happy, because even if she smiles like a star, her eyes will show the pain of Ye Luo's death from time to time. Her world is not simple, because there are always too many moving and still colors between heaven and earth waiting for her to explore and sing. But her love is very simple, a person who can wait for her is enough to make her nostalgic.
In the vast space and time, there is only such a person, shining in his canvas, brightening the gray and black winter of this city. Ever since Jenny appeared, he had felt vaguely and more clearly that she was going to melt into his blood. His paintings were brought to life by the girl who would sing unknown sad songs in the snow. But he seems to be about to lose himself because of the unsuccessful pursuit again and again. The painter always remembered that the little girl had big sad eyes, and she asked him to wait for him to grow up the first time she saw him. Later, she really grew up at a speed he couldn't imagine, and in just a few meetings, she was already slim. How the girl changed is a mystery.
His eyes were firmly restrained by her, even if he knew that Jenny was in the past tense in reality, and she could only be some kind of mysterious phantom in front of him. He only sighed, you in the old man's memory belonged to a long time ago, and I will always hold you tightly, regardless of time and space! Later, he traveled thousands of miles for her.
He is actually an unqualified painter, and only once in his life makes him a fanatical creation. "Where am I going, I don't know..." Jenny's singing crossed time and space with her dazed eyes, captured and treasured by this unqualified painter's brush.
However, a long time later, in the center of the deep exhibition hall of the museum, we may be able to perceive that when Jenny appeared, the world was quiet, only the faint starlight, silently watching the eternal embrace of the two.

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