Why is it always her who gets hurt!

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"Sengoku Enchantress Senso" is a film that is too old to be old. It is a 1954 film by Luchino Visconti. However, the Chinese name is not well translated. To be honest, the heroine, Countess Serpieri, is not at all demonic. In her own words, "Before she knew Franz, she was never a casual and frivolous person." This point, from Franz The first time I met her at the opera house, teased her, and she left in anger.
It's just that she fell in love with this young officer too fast. After walking all night, she refused the man's kiss in the early morning, but on the fourth day, she couldn't hold back and went straight to him. Thinking that there is already a rift between her and her husband, otherwise they would not be intoxicated so quickly.
It's just that there has never been an infatuated woman in the world. When she fell in love with him deeply, he didn't know he came to so-and-so's arms again, and threw the bag containing her beautiful hair aside at will. Could it be that Serpieri couldn't see that this person didn't actually love so much? she? It's just that when the servant told her that a man was coming to her, she went out desperately, and even made up her mind to break with her husband. A woman falls in love with someone so resolutely that the results are often disappointing, and it is her cousin, not the amorous officer, who is desperately looking for her.
This huge disappointment made her ruthlessly reject Franz when he went to the manor to find her. However, men always have a bunch of rhetoric waiting for women, saying that they would risk their lives to see her. Unfortunately, women are always confused in front of love, even if that The man admitted to chasing others, and even came back to find her because he couldn't. She still fell in love with him wholeheartedly, and fulfilled his request and gave him a large sum of money (the money that did not belong to her, she kept it for her cousin, but in front of love, what is money?) to help him bribe doctor to avoid military service. With such an obvious scam, outsiders can see what this man is asking at a glance, but when a woman falls in love with that man and deeply in love with him, she would rather soak in the honey water she concocted.
As the war intensified, Serpieri could no longer bear the torment of love and longing, and hurried to the dangerous front to find a lover. What did she find, a selfish deserter who just wanted to enjoy, a whistleblower, a shameless person who used the money given by her lover to go to prostitutes, when the beautiful so-called "love" dream was shattered, Serpieri could no longer withstand the blow, she went to report Franz's deserter face, as a result, the villain was military-martialed, and she was also mad after the blow, just calling his name for a long time.
During the war between the two countries, falling in love with someone from an enemy country, betraying your husband and betraying your lover is already a sad story, but the one you love is not a human being, but he is just a romantic villain. cover.
Rather than saying that Serpieri digs her own grave, it is better to say that between emotion and reason, women have always been in the company of emotions, and as a result, they are hurt more deeply.
In the 54-year-old film, the scenes are also gorgeous, the actors acted quite well, especially Franz, who was portrayed by the young man who was Italian at first glance: selfish, flattering, hypocritical, greedy, and completely irresponsible. Playing Serpieri is a beauty no matter what, no matter how you look at it, she is not a witch, on the contrary, she is dignified and persistent.
Senso means feeling in Italian. For a woman, love is a feeling that does not require many reasons or conditions.
So, he was easily injured.

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