【See No Evil 2】——People are like souls flying, so why look straight

Rosalee 2022-07-20 21:43:27

American horror and thriller movies have always been of good quality. The most important thing for such movies is to coax the audience well. Good scene settings, good sound, visual effects, and the violent stimulation of blood gushing are enough to make the audience buy it. As for this film, it is precisely Xiao He's success or failure. One is the underground morgue scene that is always complicated like a labyrinth, and the second is the acting skills of the actors one by one.

Originally, it has the potential to become a new brand series of terror and torture. It only needs more blood plasma and death ideas, so that the rhythm of tension and suffocation can be interpreted with different fresh faces in different space backgrounds, and the routine can be done exquisitely. In place, but now it looks like there is no chance...

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See No Evil 2 quotes

  • Amy: No, I'm more of a cake and cadavers kind of gal.

  • [first lines]

    Holden: [as Amy is about to enter the scale room of the morgue with a body on a trolley] We have got to stop meeting like this!