A father and son film not only about father's love, but also full of touching. (Small spoiler)

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Father's Day, so I watched this movie with my friends. Just like the title of the film, we were moved while laughing.
This movie is flat, without any ups and downs, just tells you the story of a father and son looking for tools.
But there are small emotions everywhere.

My father is a carpenter who has no serious job and has been drinking too much, and is now in the withdrawal stage. He
and his ex-wife have a son, a young lady. They made an appointment with the father to take the son for a weekend, which was a pretty cliché start.

The story is about to begin. After taking over the son, the father and son met with a lot of bad luck, really a lot. Looking for tools, tools are
stolen. Get in the car, the car is broken. When I got home, the house was locked by the landlord. He even wanted to exchange money, but his son asked him to donate. (Then prepare
high-end, it would be nice if there are domestic ones) It is really unlucky.

The two father and son had no choice but to return to the house of their ex-wife, which was also built by the father himself. Driving his ex-wife's car, he took his son to find the stolen
toolbox. Along the way, there were many situations (jokes), and the father and son also met all kinds of people. The story is such a simple
story , but the feeling is not a simple emotion.

It is said that Europeans and Americans express the word "love" very openly and directly, but in this film you can't see the direct expression of "I
LOVE YOU". The expression of love between father and son is very deep and very deep. Obscure. It was not said directly, but the
eyes were full of love and admiration. The father is always the object of the son's study and worship, and the son expresses his love by imitation.
A father expresses his love for his son very clumsily. The tears that his withdrawal reaction might hurt his son, and even
the clumsy gesture of hugging his son at the end, all hide deep love.

There are many touching details in the film. The father and son fry thin ice together and play poker games at the ex-wife's house. And father and son together
In the early morning, newspapers were delivered to the townspeople, and there was little warmth everywhere. In order to prevent his father from drinking, the son of Mrs. Xiaozheng hid the car keys under the sofa.
When his father had a withdrawal reaction, he prayed to the god he didn't believe in on weekdays, all of which showed his deep love for his father.

Speaking of God, I have to say that the confession dialogue between Xiao Zhengtai and the priest contributed a lot of laughs to the film, and now I think about it, I still
want to laugh. (~y▽~)~*, by the way, Xiao Zhengtai's eyes are so penetrating and divine, and he feels that the world is beautiful in his eyes.

Alright, let's talk about that. This is a father-son film not only about father's love, I hope you can find your moving.

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