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Alexa 2022-09-18 21:42:55

After watching this film, I feel a lot, and I’m afraid I’ll forget it later.
First of all, I really recommend that directors and producers who have made all kinds of bad films in China should come and watch it with a small cost and a small production. The two leading roles are really good. The unfortunate alcoholic father in the
movie lost his tools, was kicked out of the rental house, his only change was donated by his son, the car exploded, and he had to endure the torture of alcohol addiction. But he did not give up for himself, but for his son. The ending should still be happy. His words and deeds let the child know the society and understand the father, thus harvesting the child's love and cultivating the child into a man. There are differences between Eastern and Western cultures, but some core values ​​are common to all human beings. It's really well done. I look like a parent and I really feel it. There are so many
movies in which there are worries and thoughts about the current state of small-town America. "I'm so sorry for our generation to make things so bad. Our parents made a great country. but can't keep the country going for you." This is really thought-provoking 2017 3 16

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The Confirmation quotes

  • Walt: Was he a cop?

    Otto: No, a thief.

    Walt: But he's a good guy now?

    Otto: Better than most.

    Walt: Better than most thieves or better than most guys?

    Otto: Thieves. But he's a good guy now.

  • Walt: Well, if he found Jesus, maybe he can find my tools.