There is no such thing as a movie with terrible logic.

Nola 2022-09-20 05:27:49

The logic of this movie is really unreasonable. It can be said that there are gaps everywhere. Let me not talk about the left and right eyes that have been blinded successively. It is much more sensitive during the day. Throughout the whole movie, there are only a few people in the whole building. People are not ghosts. They make noise when they walk. Deaf, can't hear. Looking back at the movie, there are a lot of details that ignore the sound. Even if the whole drama does not consider the sound, it cannot violate the human body limit. In the end, I have no idea how the male villain lived. When I saw his resurrection, there was no excitement, no surprise, only anger. You are the director. We, the general public, are fooling around. Please remember director Jen Soska, don't watch the drama she directs lightly. I watched iQIYI only after giving it a 7.5 rating, but it wasted an hour and a half for me. I would give this show a 3.0.

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  • Amy: No, I'm more of a cake and cadavers kind of gal.

  • [first lines]

    Holden: [as Amy is about to enter the scale room of the morgue with a body on a trolley] We have got to stop meeting like this!