minimalist jailbreak

Ofelia 2022-07-08 11:36:25

The second part of the Proletariat trilogy, the easiest movie ever to escape from prison.

Kasurinam is a miner, and the film still begins with a signature description of the working environment, and then encounters a difficult situation. The mine where he worked was closed down, and his boss kindly gave him a convertible Cadillac, then he went into the room without saying a word and shot himself... Again typical of Aki's sudden violence and brevity Wu's cold and humorous way of acting is really likable. Then he drove to Helsinki in an open-top Cadillac with a radio ready to play. It was raining in the sky, but he couldn't pull the roof of the car no matter what, so he could only move forward in the rain. Then two middle-aged men tricked Kasurinan into getting out of the car on the grounds of looking at the car's engine, smashed him unconscious with a wine bottle, and then stole all his belongings (the same props smashed his head... It's just that I didn't lose my memory this time...)

Penniless, he checked into a cheap hotel and was in arrears with the accommodation fee. He tried to work as a dock worker, but the low wages still made his life stretched. But thanks to the cool Cadillac (thanks to the suicidal boss) he met Ilmeler, a single mother who was watching from the side of his car. Ilmeler is a female slaughterhouse worker who quickly dated and became a couple (Aki is so minimalist...)

Life started to improve, but Kasurinan met the gangster who robbed him before. He chased and beat the gangster angrily. As a result, he was imprisoned by the police as a robber and sentenced to a year. The roommate in question became a friend. During a visit in Ilmel, they talked about getting married, and an impatient Cassuriname decided to escape with a roommate. He smashed the prison guard with the sawn-off iron railing (and smashed...) and then the two of them ran away easily when they were found... leaving only a push of the guard to lead The dog is chasing slowly behind...

The first time after the escape, Kasurinam and Ilmel got married (romantic...) The inmates after the escape seemed to be old-fashioned, with suits, big backs, sunglasses, and careful thinking... ... Together they robbed the bank to pay for the fake passports under the inmates' scheme. But the inmates were killed by the gang responsible for selling fake passports. Finally, Kasurinan killed two gangsters and got the passports. Before his death, the inmate sat in the Cadillac with his last breath and asked what the button on the door was, and then he pressed it and the roof of the car slowly closed... Suriname sadly buried his inmates, and took a ferry with Ilamel to embark on a journey to a foreign country... Aki's love for the ferry is also reflected in "Lonely Shadow in Paradise".

This film still has a lot of repeated details of Akey, if you only watch it once, it is difficult to have a clear independent memory of all of Akey's films. Because there are too many similar details, similar plots, similar characters, similar characters, similar performances, in the performance of such stylized images and narrative methods, this repetition is a deepening of style, and it is a form of Absolute pursuit, the so-called form is the content.

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