Meursault, living in northern Europe in the 1980s

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The confused mine workers in Suriname have suffered constantly. He seems to have intentions, but also seems to have no intentions. From the beginning of the film, his bad luck began: the mine (probably a lignite mine) that was working suddenly collapsed, the mine partner who had a good relationship with him was desperate, and he loved himself before committing suicide. The Cadillac convertible luxury car was given to a stumbled Suriname, then shot himself.

Suriname did not help a friend who committed suicide to take care of the funeral, but drove this luxury car seriously, with a simple luggage, carrying all the hard-earned money earned over the years (8,000 marks, not a big number) ), heading towards the big city. He is an old-fashioned man who doesn't know how to fiddle with this luxury car. He can't put down the hood. In the cold Nordic environment, he can only wrap himself in a scarf, brave the severe cold, and gallop toward the big city with the hood open. In this picture, he is serious, ignorant and indifferent, as if to warn those who are watching the joke, saying, I am driving a hood, and I don't need a scarf to wrap my head, will it make me freeze to death.

The convertible had a car radio and a cassette recorder, but Suriname was playing his beloved radio, galloping with its head wrapped in ice and snow. The sense of humour presented by this picture can only be understood by those who know it, and it will immediately burst into laughter.

Such is the sense of humor of Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki. He has directed a lot of movies, and he even wrote and wrote many of them himself. For example, this "Lift" was written by him himself. This talented director has always been an idol director in my heart, and his attitude towards the world has deeply influenced me.

It's easy to present a sense of humor in one or two strokes, but it's hard to always present a sense of humor that runs through the whole film without showing any pee spots. Aki Kaurismaki is so helpful. In this "Ascension", throughout the whole film, he consistently presents us with a natural sense of humor, which makes people look at the nonsense of life in a light and humorous way. Suriname is mighty and tall, handsome in appearance, and seems to be extremely powerful, but as a poor miner, he was dumbfounded when he first entered the city.

This reminds me of the wonderful novella "The Outsider" by Camus, and I guess in my heart, maybe Kaurismaki was really influenced by this novel, otherwise how could it be so amazing, as if Camus was resurrected . Meursault in "The Outsider" is a person who lives casually and has no sense of worldly morality. On the funeral of his mother's death, he was painless and did not shed a single tear at the funeral, and he was with his girlfriend Hu Tianhaidi that day. Going to bed, this kind of heartless behavior, was later judged by the court as the biggest crime of his confused murder, and the court ruled that his motive for killing was because of his "moral degeneration" - just as those who punish the country often like to judge in the sentence. In the words, write adjectives that slander the criminal's personality, such as "insane, heinous, not killing enough people to be angry", as if the court is God, who can judge people's hearts without thinking.

Camus once lashed out at how nonsense our moral world is in a note. He said that just because you didn't cry at your mother's funeral was your biggest sin. He judged, " When people face the difficult and mechanical reality of survival, they have to live according to a rhythm and a life pattern every day, which will inevitably produce an absurd sense of why I want to live this way and why I can't live in other ways. ; However, people cannot live in other ways, they must live their current (conventional) way of life (live) .” In a word, the plight of contemporary people's survival is that they must be vulgar and kitsch, otherwise it will be an alternative, or even a "primitive crime".

Movies are not philosophy books, nor novels. They cannot express philosophical vocabulary or psychological activities directly. Only a director who is incompetent will use dull lens language to interpret obscure philosophical themes and make movies into There are four dissimilarities between life and death - for example, I once watched a Hungarian film. The whole film runs through the father and daughter constantly eating, sleeping, fetching water, and cooking. A long shot of an old horse-drawn carriage at the beginning of the film is enough. It took more than four minutes, which is really unacceptable. This kind of pretending to be a movie is respected by some shallow people, it is difficult to say that they really like it, maybe it is deliberately pretending to like it in order to show their high-end. I admire directors like Kaurismaki. If he wants to talk about philosophy, there is absolutely no obscure feeling of philosophy. Just like this "Ascension", it shows the truth of life smoothly, but makes people everywhere Lots of thoughts, and it's reflected in a hilarious sense of humour.

The smashed Suriname pocket was empty, and only this luxury car was left, so the absurdity of life continued to be staged in hilarious laughter: he had to drive a luxury car and live a life of a homeless person equivalent to begging. I saw him with the hood open and the bleeding tape stuck to the hole on his head, walking around the pier and other places, selling coolies to earn some hard money. No one has ever seen such a rich sense of humour before. The tall Suriname, at this time, is like driving a green mini bean, which makes people laugh.

Luxury cars always attract women. The stupid Suriname has nothing, and with this luxury car, he has gained love from a single mother. This is a woman with a strong sense of responsibility. She is single with her six- or seven-year-old son. She has multiple jobs and earns more money to pay for the renovation of her apartment. She fell in love with the simple Suriname, but Suriname is not a gangster who eats soft rice, he has dignity. When he couldn't find a job, he moved out of the woman's house and owed the church's public rental space to live in shamelessly every day.

The bullshit life continues. The street in Suriname was shocked to see the robber who robbed him on the day he entered the city. Without saying a word, he was beaten up when he went up, but he was caught by the police and was sentenced to armed robbery by the court. The absurd verdict made people's faces bewildered. Just like Morsault in "The Outsider" was sentenced, Suriname also walked into the prison without any resistance in a daze. This episode is infuriating. Generally speaking, encountering injustice is a violent dramatic conflict, but Kaurismaki handled it with ease and did not bring much emotion. Here, Kaurismaki is just expressing a journey that ordinary people like Suriname will encounter in their lives. On the street, in the prison, the difference is not big, anyway, there is nothing, one person is full, and the whole family is not hungry.

His girlfriend came to visit the prison with a child. The torment of love made Suriname unable to stay silent, so he decided to escape. After a simple negotiation with the murderer's inmates, they used the saw blade brought by his girlfriend's secret clip to get the equipment, and the two escaped. Suriname impatiently married his girlfriend, then robbed the bank to get money to buy fake passports. Here is a detail: Before robbing the bank, Suriname removed the bullets from the guns of the inmates, showing the simple heart of Suriname. He is a person who doesn't want to hurt people, but with a fucking life that pushes him to crime, he can only change his life quickly through crime, and he really doesn't want to wander anymore. However, when he saw that the inmate was robbed of all the money by the murderous fake passport black hand, and even stabbed to death, he picked up the gun without hesitation, and shot the two villains to death on the spot.

After burying his fellow inmates, he took his beloved woman and the woman's child, boarded the smuggled cargo ship, and left the depressing place of living, heading for the hot, sunny Mexico. Life will usher in a new situation, Suriname can finally start a happy life in a new country with scorching sunshine, and never wander again.

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