why do i love you ——The catchy version is: So why do I love you?

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Medical Fate Season 1 08
Why Do I Love You? ——The catchy version is: So why do I love you?

Like the appearance of Owens, come comfortably. Slightly drooping eyes. When you smile, there are smile lines and more swirls. Life only loves thin and tender lips.
At first I thought Will was pretty cool. Some people are handsome at first sight ~ such as will.
Dangdang. Mica appeared. There are always some characters like Mica in the world. Mica looks like emily's knight. The smile looks warm, comfortable, harmless, and warm.
All right. The biggest highlight of this episode is at the end of the episode, when emily is sitting in the exam room (it's really fitting, it's also an exam.) A brisk and not frivolous music sounded. Sure enough, the melody of Laomei is better than the domestic soundtrack and a few carriages?
Eh. The emotional line between will and emily is too obvious. Kind of annoying. Although always want the princess and the knight together. (I just made a mistake about what happened to the prince and the knight. Recently, Leehom and Yundi are on the upper body.) And it's just a pity that you two are not together, but the relationship between the prince and the princess can't go. It's obvious, eh , old-fashioned makes people feel uncomfortable is not.
Sorry, I had to rant about the surgery part. It is really. . . It is really. The screenwriters must not be veterans of medical dramas. ORZ. Every episode is the same, just show your guts and everything will be fine. ——We sincerely invite the screenwriter to repent. Although the surgery part is not the selling point of the drama, it can't be too perfunctory.
Last but not least, complain about the entire episode, it's actually a bit of a sell-out. Although I don't know exactly where the old is, but it does make me feel a little tired, old tired.
emily owens is coming to an end though. But the heart of a small fresh life does not die.

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