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To tell a joke, Japanese high school does not read. For example, the high school students in this show all gamble.

Said to be gambling, in fact, gambling is not much. Except for the second livestock duel and the game against Doushengtian, which was a bit of a casino psychological war, everything else was a little worse. But not bad.

Yan Yi, which makes people complain, is actually psychological vision in essence, that is, because of psychological reasons, the sensory vision is distorted. What everyone sees about Yan Yi is not that the character's real facial expressions are distorted like this, but that either the character's inner distortion is portrayed by facial expressions, or it is based on the other party's heart, especially the psychological pressure generated when gambling loses. perception. To put it simply, no matter how cute or cute a girl is, once she chases gambling debts, she will never be cute in the eyes of the debt collectors. In other words, this animation (including the original manga), its pictures focus on showing the psychology of the characters, rather than drawing from an objective perspective.

All gambling in this animation is original. The original author doesn't care much about the traditional gambling methods that have been experienced over time. It is estimated that he is afraid that the Taoism is not deep enough, which will make people laugh. Let’s take a look at these original gambling methods one by one:

The first vote Guessing Snake 喰 Mengko VS Saotome Yari

This game is not fair to Yumeko even if Saotome Yari is out of the old thousand. On the surface, the classmates write rock-paper-scissors arbitrarily, which seems to be uncontrollable. But since it is an original game of their class, Saotome Yari will not be unaware The tendency of your classmates, and even if you do not force others to cooperate through all kinds of coercion and inducements, even if you rely on interpersonal relationships, it is not difficult to find a few collaborators, as long as you know that there are more cards in the box, and in this case Favorable way of playing cards, even the cooperation of several people can make the probability of a specific hand appear favorable to oneself. What needs to be done below is just a lot of gambling, so that the probability advantage is revealed.

Of course, if 31 people like Saotome Yari can guarantee 20 people to provide assistance, then the winning rate is almost certain. For example, in the plot, there are only cloth and rock, then Saotome Yari can sit back and relax in the order of cloth and rock-paper-scissors. Because the ratio of cloth and rock is high, the opponent also has more cloth and rock, but they may not consciously put out the cloth first. If the rock is out, you will win, and the probability of out scissors is because there are few scissors, even if there is, it may not be possible. It is played in the first round, so even if you don't win, you are unlikely to lose. But if you know the situation is very different, since Mengzi knows that the opponent will definitely give the cloth, as long as there are scissors in hand, then It's a sure win. The only trouble is whether you can draw scissors. If you can't draw scissors, then you can only see who has more rocks in his hand and who will admit it.

In addition, the betting method of 2 pieces and 50 pieces of snakes is very regular. Saotome Yali failed to find out that she was trying to find 50 pieces and she would give out a thousand, and she would release water when she saw 2 pieces. Also a big mistake.

Game 2: Double Nervousness Snake Yumeko VS Huang Yiyue

This is no longer a gamble, but is basically a contest of memory, of course, if you don't consider Huang Yiyueqianqian. However, even if Huang Yiyue is out of a thousand, because the pattern disappears within two or three minutes, Huang Yiyue must remember the suit and position of the marked cards within two or three minutes, and Huang Yiyue's memory is already amazing enough. Of course, Mengzi's memory is even more beyond the realm of human beings in my opinion, and it is not too much to say that the author gave her a golden finger.

In addition, Huang Yiyue's choice of double neurasthenia to challenge Yumeko Snake is a misstep in itself. Placing the cheating cards and the normal cards together, everyone's attention is focused on the back of the card, which increases the chance of the snake dreaming to find a thousand. If you are betting on poker games such as baccarat and blackjack in general, players may not be able to notice Huang Yiyue's performance if they focus on their cards. As for what Snake Mengzi said, asking Huang Yiyue to prepare a few more cards with different patterns on the back to perfect the thousand can only be said to be difficult for Huang Yiyue. If she really has this ability, she probably doesn't need a thousand dollars.

The third life and death snake Yumeko VS Saitoin Yuriko

It's more obvious in the manga than in the anime. Snake Mengzi can find out that the thousand points are twenty-four, that is, Yuriko of Xidongyuan put the capital at twenty-four, even covering the entire range of twenty-two to twenty-six. A discerning person can see it at a glance, not to mention Mengzi Snake said that this urn with a small bottom and a big mouth is more conducive to the sword falling in the middle position, that is, the position where the points are relatively small, and normal people will bet on the smaller points. Only Xidongyuan Yuriko bet with a large area covering the position after 20, which seems to be a problem no matter how you look at it. Yuriko from the West Cave Academy is actually the most clumsy one.

In addition, there is a big loophole in the rules of this game, that is, both sides bet the same, it all depends on where the bet is, then if someone keeps betting with the other party's bet, or the bet position is the same, the bet amount is different , the gap between one and two, then you can fight for a long time, and the more times, the 1000 routines of Xidongyuan Yuriko will also be revealed.

However, in terms of expressiveness, the animation is far beyond the comics, especially the action of the croupier throwing his sword into the urn and the dubbing of the croupier himself, which can only be said: professional.

By the way, this kind of betting of big and small bets is one of the most boring bets. There is no technical content at all.

The fourth double Indian poker Snake Yumeko, Saotome Yali VS Mudu

The original Indian poker is still a relatively interesting game, but the author added rules wisely to make this game a game that cannot be played without a thousand, because as Mu Du said, no matter how many cards you get, if you can't get together A flush or pair is meaningless. And relying on loose cards to decide the outcome is simply impossible. Calls and raises are pointless if the game cannot be won or lost. So out of thousands is the only way to make the game slightly more interesting, because then, the game becomes Texas Hold'em.

Regarding Izuchi, I actually think that Mudu's method of Ichien is more subtle, and it is easy to be caught by hand contacting under the table. But a player like Mudu, who can't guarantee a poker face when playing Texas Hold'em, is estimated to have to leak any way.

In addition, the way the chips are sized based on the respective amounts owed does favor the players who owe the most. This means that the player will have the largest chips as soon as they come up. As long as the winner is not decided casually, winning two games in ten rounds will have a great advantage, and winning three games will basically guarantee the victory, and the debt with others The bigger the gap, the more obvious the effect, especially the one like Snake Mengzi, which is 6 or 7 times the debt of others. Therefore, Mu Du's method of falsely reporting his debts was too conservative. Anyway, the debt is false. As long as you ensure that your debt is the largest in the group, even if you end up at the bottom, you will just return the funds you have received to the student union without any loss or profit. And once you can rise in rank, no matter how much you rise, you can make a profit, and if you win the first place, you will make a huge profit. A practice like Mudu who only dares to report 10 million and puts himself first will increase the risk of falling to the last place and carrying real debts for no reason. So, as Yugao Mengzi said, the student union is really generous.

The fifth ESP game Yumeko Snake VS Sheng Zhimo

Before talking about the game, I have to talk about the difference in the performance of animation compared to comics. In the comics, the revolver is in a box

And in the animation, it slides into the track

The sound effect of the gun sliding on the metal surface is excellent

Gambling itself is nothing to talk about, it is better to say that it is to prevent a thousand rather than a thousand. Because even if the screen is reversed, Sheng Shima will not have the ability to know the order of Suzui's cards, but it can disrupt the opponent's intentions. But this plot, I think there is a logic bug. Snake Yumeko explained Qian Shi that the first reversal was known as early as when Suzui placed the cards, and the second reversal was based on the result of the second round of negative and negative results, so it can be considered that Snake Dream Zi only discovered this trick at the end of the second round, so how did she get it all right in the second round? If she knew that there was a double reversal and she repeated the order of the cards in the first round, if it wasn't for the existence of a double reversal that she didn't know about, wouldn't she only be right on one? What is the purpose of deliberately making oneself right, knowing that it is possible to make oneself right? And if it is said that the snake ghoul is purely a random swing, it doesn't matter whether it is right or not, then why consciously repeat the first round of swing cards?

The sixth idol contest

It is recognized as the most boring test, but I think the last twists and turns, and even the final big reversal, are actually okay, which shows that the author is in mastering the rhythm and controlling emotions. Just like the dream of Yu Yumami in the story, there is quite a set. Yes, that is, it doesn't have much to do with gambling. However, the author has done more than once in writing suspenseful stories under the guise of gambling.

However, the logic of the character's behavior is really uncomplimentable, not to mention that if you lose the bet, you will pull people to be idols, and then push people into the sea to shoot AV. What is the inner logic to set off your innocent image, in order to step on the Oscar red carpet? What the hell is being an idol? I have never heard of a top actor who made his idol debut. Not a few, but none at all. This logical loophole was remedied in the second season.

One more thing, the expression on Saotome Yari when she was drawn was really funny.

A face with a "what's the matter with me, why call me"

In addition, the animation really tunes the "Russian Roulette in Love" in the comics, which sounds pretty good. I think the author's familiarity with idols is higher than his familiarity with gambling.

The above is about the gambling game. It is also necessary to mention that Huang Yiyue asked to join the story of Snake Mengzi. The animation added a close-up of Snake Mengzi stroking Huang Yiyue's nails, and then Huang Yiyue was shocked. And there is no such close-up in the comics, it's just holding Huang Yiyue's hand. This adaptation is really ingenious, it shows that Yumeko Snake has never forgotten about Huang Yiyue's vicious attempt to take his nails, and cooperates with Mengzi Snake to accept Huang Yiyue with enthusiasm, and only feels chills.

The subsequent plot is to bridge to the transfer of Huodou Shengtianfeng, and start the most exciting battle of Snake Yumeko VS Doushengtianfeng in the whole play. Regarding the suspicion that Dousheng Tianfeng framed the dream of Yu Yuyamei, apart from the fact that the TV dramas that were modified by Dousheng Tianfeng's confession were confirmed, neither the comics nor the animation gave a clear affirmative or negative answer. Because of Dousheng Tianfeng's tone of "you have no evidence, but I can't" and as the only suspect, most people basically believe that Dousheng Tianfeng framed Yu Yuyamei. But I personally think that it should not be done by Dousheng Tianfeng. There are two reasons. One is motivation. The third-year student Shima and Yuriko of Nishidongyuan were successively defeated, and the first-year Huang Yiyue was swept out. Yumeko Snake, who can't even deal with it, will boost the momentum of the second-year students. At the same time, this is also a credit to Dousheng Tianfeng who organized this gambling. More importantly, this was independently planned by the second-year students Yume Yume and Mamada Kaede in the absence of the chairman. If she wins, it will prove that the student council president Kirori Momoko is no longer an indispensable figure in the student council, and Mazuta Kaede has a chance to rise to the top.

On the contrary, if you dream of Yu Yuya losing, not only will you be on the same level as the third graders who have been defeated one after another, because the snake has not yet failed, so she must continue to challenge, and it is difficult to guarantee that the fire will not burn beans. Ikuta Feng himself. And Dousheng Tianfeng is avoiding the war. Therefore, from a purely pros and cons point of view, Dousheng Tianfeng does not need to frame the dream of Yuyamei. And we know that Dousheng Tianfeng is a figure skilled in calculation, it is impossible not to see this. The second is character, Dousheng Tianfeng's character, in his own words, is to follow the king's way. Since it is a kingly way, he will not adopt this crooked way to frame it. This is also reflected in his gambling style. He is the only person in the whole play who did not make a thousand, and only relied on gambling skills and a duel with Snake Mengzi. As for the reason for dreaming about Yu Yumei's suspicion of Dousheng Tianfeng, I don't think it's valid. The basis for dreaming about Yumami's suspicion is that the whole plan was organized by Mausu Tianfeng, and people other than the fan club should not have been infiltrated. Now Yumeko's friends have infiltrated, so Mausu Tianfeng has a problem. But there are two problems here. First, the reason why Yumeko Snake's friends can get in is because Huang Yiyue spent a lot of effort to get it from the members of the fan club.

This proves that Yugao Yumeko's friend was not intentionally brought in by Dousheng Tianfeng. Judging from the reaction of Mausu Tianfeng when he saw Huang Yiyue assisting the battle

Dousheng Tianfeng didn't know the fact that Huang Yiyue defected to Snake Mengzi in advance, so there is no possibility of deliberately designing the admission personnel including the situation that Huang Yiyue helped Snake Mengzi to get tickets. On the contrary, the fact that Yugao Yumeko's friend entered the venue through Huang Yiyue's channel proved the innocence of Tian Feng. Because we know that the fan letter torn by Yu Yuya in the dream was secretly handed over to Snake Yumeko by putting it in the Snake Yumeko shoe cabinet. If Dousheng Tianfeng wants to miss a ticket to Snake Mengzi, he can use the same method, and he doesn't need to be so cumbersome to hope for Huang Yiyue's defection, and the success rate is also higher. And the reason why the mastermind behind the scenes couldn't hand the tickets to Yumeko Snake in the same way was not because Dousheng Tianfeng firmly controlled the tickets?

In addition, regarding how the torn fan letter was obtained, I dreamed that Yuu Mami clearly stated that it must be someone who holds the master key.

Dousheng Tianfeng is an accountant of the student union, no matter his terms of reference or status, he does not have the ability to master the master key to freely enter and exit the same student union member.

Since the suspicion of Dousheng Tianfeng has been ruled out, who is the real culprit? Because of the large number of members of the student council, it can also narrow the scope of suspicion from another angle. Generally speaking, those who do this kind of thing want to witness the realization of the plan with their own eyes, so the real culprit can only be among the four student council members who came to watch the battle. Excluding Dousheng Tianfeng, the possible culprits are Igarashi Tsinghua, Huang Quanyue Luna, and Momochi Kirori who pretended to be the vice president with a mask but was actually the president himself. Igarashi Tsinghua because of her personality (like Dousheng Tianfeng, she is not the kind of boss) and her inner monologue after the event

Igarashi Tsinghua can be further ruled out

Then the remaining suspects can only be Huang Quanyue Luna and Taozhao Qiluoli. At this point, there is no way to further determine. Given that the identity of Dousheng Tianfeng's prisoner has been established by convention, and the author has no sign of revealing it, it is estimated that this will become an eternal mystery. I guess it's Peach Kiroli. Whether it is from the point of interest or the possibility of having a master key, Peach Kirori is the most suspect.

The seventh game chooses Poker Snake Yumeko VS Dousheng Tianfeng

The most exciting duel in the whole play, and the only orthodox gambling duel that did not make a thousand. In poker, whoever raises the higher bet gets the right to choose between a strong or weak tiebreaker. The first thing to point out is that under this kind of rule, it is easier to beat the weak with the weak than with the strong.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, most players should choose to win against the strong with the weak, rather than the weak with the strong, and try to collect weaker loose hands instead of strong hands. But in the animation, basically both sides are pursuing to win the weak with the strong, but Yumeko Snake is relatively more flexible and will disguise it by discarding cards. But Dousheng Tianfeng didn't know what medicine he took wrong, so he chose to join the strong cards, and constantly wanted to win in a more risky way. This is one of the reasons for the failure of Dousheng Tianfeng.

Relatively speaking, the advantage of the so-called capital amount in animation is far smaller than that of ordinary poker. As said in the animation, ordinary poker can intimidate the opponent by raising and make the opponent fold to gain the opponent's chips for nothing. But "Choice Poker" discards folds and calls, can ignore the opponent's raise, and can decide the game with a single chip. As for the so-called "right of choice" competition, in fact, it does not make much sense. Probability is independent, no matter how big your cards are or how close you are (usually close to weak cards), as long as you don't know the opponent's hand, even if you have the right to choose, you can't know whether to choose the weak to win the strong Is it advantageous to win the weak with the strong, just like the last showdown in the animation, "I thought I had a big hand, so I chose to win the weak with the strong, but the opponent's hand was bigger than my hand." Conversely, since options can only be obtained by raising, raising for options can only negate the risk of loss from a wrong choice if the hand is particularly close to a certain direction. Of course, the other side thinks so too, so when both sides are absolutely rational, they will keep raising until the point where the equity and loss balance out. Still taking the last duel of the animation as an example, Tian Feng, who holds three sets of eights, and Yumeko Snake, who holds three sets of jacks, will continue to raise at the beginning, because the cards of both sides are closer to winning the weak. However, once the raise reaches a certain critical point, Dousheng Tianfeng, who holds three set eights, will give up the raise and give up the option to Snake Mengzi with three jacks, and Snake Mengzi will choose to win with the strong and the weak. this game.

Moreover, under this rule, intimidation is useless. Obviously, your hand is weak, but because you are closer to a certain direction, choosing to raise and keep raising beyond the risk is simply suicide. The only exception is that there are just two people who pursue the weak to overcome the strong, and the strong to defeat the weak. But I don't think that's likely because both sides will try to make weak hands. Therefore, this is the second reason for the failure of Dousheng Tianfeng.

specific to both sides of the game

first round

Doushengtian's card is like this

According to the situation of Doushengtian's change of cards

The first on the right

The plum blossom 2 in Doushengtian was replaced.

On the other hand, Yumeko Snake, the cards replaced are diamonds J and hearts K

From the action of pinching the cards

Probably the two cards on the right

The final showdown result is

On the right is Yumeko Snake's card

That is to say, Snake Mengzi exchanged the king of hearts and the jack of diamonds for the king of diamonds and the jack of hearts. At first glance, this card-changing strategy is rather strange. Mengzi Snake did not choose to replace the king of hearts and the ace of hearts to try to make a flush, nor did he choose to replace the 4 of diamonds and the 5 of diamonds to make a straight. The possibility that I can think of is that, as Mizuta guessed, by discarding the king of hearts and the jack of diamonds and pretending to be aiming for a weak hand, he induces the opponent to choose the strong to defeat the weak, thereby winning with an ace of hearts.

As for Snake Mengzi's choice to win the weak with the strong, I personally guess that it is because Doushengtian did not grab the option to infer that Doushengtian has no strong cards, so the probability of loose cards will be very high. In the case of a loose card duel, the Ace of Hearts of Snake Mengzi is sure to win, so he chose to win the weak with the strong.

second game

Snake Mengzi discards a pair of 10 diamonds and 10 hearts

The last card is

Judging by the fact that the newly-arrived cards will be habitually inserted near the dealer when they do not make up a pair and other cards, it should be a pair of 10 in exchange for the 7 of spades and the jack of spades, which is indeed Rudou Ikuta judged that there was an attempt to aim at the straight (the intention was to exchange 3 and 4 with a pair of 10 to get a 23456 straight). But it is actually far from that simple, and it can also be understood that Mengzi Snake is deliberately making loose cards, because the highest card in her hand is only 6. Therefore, Mengzi Snake's behavior of discarding a pair of 10s is not absurd. What's really absurd is the betting behavior of Yumeko Snake.

In the case where Mazuta has shown a pair of queens at a showdown, and he is a loose card, the behavior of Yumeko Snake all in is pure suicide. Because Doushengtian will definitely choose the one with a higher winning rate to win the weaker. After all, if you win, you will completely win the entire bet (Snake Mengzi has no chips), and if you lose, you will only lose about 40 chips. This loss is just a drizzle for Doushengtian, which has a huge capital advantage.

This game is almost like Yumeko Snake deliberately wants to lose to Doushengtian.

The third game, the real showdown

Doushengtian folds 2 of diamonds and 5 of hearts

Since it is not shown in the manga, the animation is also blurred. But based on the suit and rank, we can still know what the hand is.

The last made card is three 8s

2 of Diamonds and 5 of Hearts for 5 of Clubs and Ace of Spades

Indeed, as Doushengtian said, it is a very royal approach, keep three 8s, fold 2 and 5, and hope to exchange for a pair or another 8 to make 4 of a kind. I never thought about keeping the squares 2 and 5, and removing the three 8s to defeat the strong.

And Yumeko Snake is here

discard a pair of queens

The final card is

Pay attention to the placement of the three jacks, on the side close to the dealer. That is to say, when Yumeko Snake discards a pair of queens, he does not have three jacks in his hand. The three jacks were made after the card was changed. Judging from the remaining two cards, 7 and 9, Yumeko Snake's original intention should still be to make a straight (7, 8, 9, 10, J), but making three Jacks is not bad.

At this point, there is actually no big problem with the folding strategies of both sides. Although Doushengtian stubbornly wants to win the weak with the strong, it is a bit confusing, but it is still in the understandable range. After all, three sets of 8s are also a rare strong hand. It is also a safe bet to have a strong hand in hand. What is really irrational is the frenzied raising behavior of both sides. The three 8s of Doushengtian will not be mentioned. Even the three Js of Snake Mengzi do not have the value of betting everything and even life.

But there is one thing to say, as for the hand of Snake Yumeko, regardless of whether Doushengtian gives up the right to choose. Snake Yumeko is sure to win, because Snake Yumeko with three J's can't choose to win the weak. With three sets of eights, Doushengtian, who is very confident, can't open his mind to choose the weak to win the strong, so Doushengtian will definitely lose in this round. This may be the reason for Yugao Yumeko's crazy raise, trying to bring Doushengtian to the final stage where he must lose. From Doushengtian to fold 2 and 5 and the kingly way of always insisting on winning the weak with the strong no matter what the cards are in hand - the kingly way of doing it, neither deceiving the opponent nor finding a unique way to defeat the strong by the weak, and play completely according to the rules before modification It is a bit pedantic to gamble with the idea of ​​​​ordinary poker - it can also be inferred that there are strong cards in Doushengtian's hand, and he will choose to win the weak with the strong, and the maximum is no more than three. . From this point of view, Yumeko Snake's crazy raising behavior is understandable.

All in all, under the rule of "choose poker", contrary to what the animation and comics say, the advantage caused by the difference in capital is diluted. At the same time, Dousheng Tianfeng is just like dying, always taking a more risky strategy. I can only say that the author wants you to die at the third watch, and cannot keep you until the fifth watch.

One more thing, I didn't understand the part of Huang Yiyue biting her nails at first, although I knew it meant showing determination, but why did she show her determination by biting her nails? Later, I realized that it was actually echoing the first confrontation between Huang Yiyue and Snake Mengzi. At that time, Huang Yiyue Lao Qian was dismantled, and was asked by Snake Mengzi to continue to gamble, and the proposal to directly gamble on all the nails of both parties was so frightened that she cried and cried, and knelt down and begged for mercy. And this time, facing the instigation of Yumeko Snake again, Huang Yiyue decided to gamble. At first, I was afraid that my nails would be peeled off, so I didn't dare to gamble, but this time, biting the nails directly was a denial of the last time I flinched. "Last time I didn't dare, this time I dare, I'm not the same as last time." This is what biting your nails means.

Although the so-called battle of wits in "The Abyss of Crazy Gambling", you can't think about gambling, and you will find various problems when you think about it, but I have to say that the subject of gambling is the most important in terms of psychological vision, emotional control, and rhythm control. Themes suitable for authors to exploit these strengths.

Basically, the most exciting part of the whole drama is over here. The confrontation between the author's original president and Yumeko Snake is really not as interesting as the duel with Tian Feng. It may be a loud confession for the male protagonist of the Wannian background board. A chance for a man.

But when it comes to the relationship between Yumeko Snake and the male protagonist Suzuki, I really think Suzuki is a brainless dog, because Yumeko Snake never thought about Suzuki even once from beginning to end. on. But you have to say that she is heartless and wrong, because every time she gambles, Snake Mengzi always reveals that the old lady has seen through everything. It was impossible for her not to know Suzuki's feelings for her. Even in the last episode of Suzuki's big confession, to be honest, Yumeko Snake didn't take Suzuki seriously because of the gambling of leaving Baikawang Academy, and said naively, "Oh, Suzui-san, it doesn't matter, at most it is I'm just leaving, Suzui-san won't be affected." Will there be no impact? Idiots can see it has an impact, okay? Even if Suzui confessed in the end, Yumeko Snake only climaxed because Suzui took the initiative to jump into gambling, and then guided Suzui to choose tarot cards like a demon.

Snake Yumeko's positioning for Suzui is

He is just one of a group of good friends, and he has the same status as Saotome Meaari, who once wanted to turn Yumeko Snake into a domestic animal because of jealousy, and Koizuki who wanted to strip Yumeko Snake's nails.

When it comes to Yumeko, I think she is not a human at all, but a real devil. For example, in an episode, when she dreamed that Yumeko was about to lose a bet, she said so

And when Dousheng Tianfeng lost the bet, she commented like this

The fiasco of Dousheng Tianfeng was very tragic, and even the ruthless Huang Yiyue was moved and eroded by guilt. At this time, Snake Mengzi said the above sentence, which was not only comfort, but also her true expression.

What Snake Mengzi really pursues is not gambling, but the despair of others, more precisely the moment when she falls from hope to despair. Seeing through everything, knowing everything, quietly appreciating the struggles of human beings on the basis of mastering everything, going crazy, savoring the taste of fear and despair when others are defeated, this is the snake dream, I don’t know where it came from, and I don’t know where it will end. Where will it go, the demon who suddenly descended here.

Finally, let's talk about the seiyuu. The dubbing of Saori and Tanaka Mikai in this drama can really make people forget their own skills. Especially Tanaka Mikai, a well-known seal who is familiar with the FGO Broadcasting Bureau, watching the eccentric girls in the show can be so black-bellied in this show, royal sister fan. Different from the iconic voices I am familiar with Hikaru Midorikawa, Takahiro Sakurai, and Ryoji Nakata that I can hear as soon as I listen to them, I can't get in touch with Mikai Tanaka in the broadcasting bureau. together. Voice actors are monsters.

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