Gulliver's Travels, film review

Ron 2022-07-08 20:58:50

The film remake of "Gulliver's Travels" is Swift's masterpiece, an excellent children's book, which tells the story of Gulliver's experiences in four countries full of fantasy features. Gulliver's Travels began to tell about his adventures in Lilliput and Adults. Gulliver encountered a big storm after going out to sea, and when he was looking for fresh water, he stumbled into the kingdom of adults. The sharp and hard wheat awns, the giants like church spires, and the straws as thick as walking sticks, in the face of these, poor Gulliver can only run around. Eventually, he was taken home by a farmer. At the farmer's house, Gulliver was bullied by kittens and mice the same age as him. In order to make money, the farmer put Gulliver into a suitcase as a small toy, took it to various places to perform, and finally sold it to the queen at a high price. Gulliver lived a life of bullying in the palace, and it was not until the third year that he was able to escape. I started to think that Gulliver would get along well with the inhabitants in the Lord's Land, but in reality he was humiliated. When living with the peasants, it was kept like a pet, performed everywhere, for people's amusement, without dignity, I wonder if he has no dignity? After arriving at the palace, in order to survive, Gulliver could only become the queen's lowly slave, put down his dignity, and try his best to please her every day. Is this what he is willing to do? I think, no. The dwarf around the queen enjoys playing with and hurting Gulliver, who is weaker than him. Is it right to trample on the weaker to gain psychological balance and self-confidence? From ancient times to the present, it seems that everything is " The fittest survives, the unfit dies", the fate of the weak can only be condescending and humble, making people laugh at it. But I think, poor or rich, beautiful or ugly, everyone's destiny is different, but they should be treated equally. But this requires a person to respect from the heart, to have a literacy from the heart, to have a noble or a pure heart. Even if it's hard. I have heard the saying, "I am a weak man, but I am not a coward; I have nothing, but I have a personality; I can lose everything, but my dignity." Dignity, would rather die than live, not be the walking dead. Everyone has dignity, protect their own dignity, and do not trample on the dignity of others. May everyone have good intentions.

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  • Lemuel Gulliver: The bestial Yahoos fight for no reason all. While we on the order hand fight for very good reasons, such as, well, our enemies are weaker than us or we desire all their land.

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