i'm a gambler

Zelma 2022-07-23 18:01:00

I especially like this type of wit. But it doesn't feel like brain-burning enough. It can't compare to Telenone at this point, but everything else is better than Telenone. The live action version is stronger.

The heroine is very special, a little evil, a little extreme, a little crazy. This kind of heroine should be the villain in other dramas. The protagonist's character and the plot background are very suitable. A crazy heroine meets a crazy world.

Lifan's style of painting is also a major feature, Yan Yi is also very good, and there are bursts of groans, don't forget to plug in headphones when there are people around.

Super looking forward to the sequel. I have finished watching the second season and the live-action version, and the most surprising thing is that the heroine of the live-action version is really super compatible, and has the taste of the live-action version of Fujiang.

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