The poisonous snake bites the desire, and the dream is only carnival. Darling, let's bet crazy together!

Milan 2022-07-23 20:52:58

It's been a long time since I chased after it so heartily (the last time it should have been Qimu Nanxiong).

At first, it was because I saw an up master's cut, and the style of painting in it was different, and the style of painting was also very different from the vulgar fan (of course Yan Yi was also). The seeds were planted in the heart. Later, I went to the secretary to get the resources, and I became addicted to watching the first season. If I hadn’t been busy with important things, I would have watched it all night (actually, this is not good, happiness is self-forgetfulness rather than indulgence. Don’t think about watching it all night in the future).

The story is about gambling, which is far away from public life. But gambling is so full of metaphors on campus that no one can tell exactly what it is. This kind of defamiliarization method is something that Rifan often does, but it has to be said that it was used very successfully in "The Abyss of Crazy Gambling".

What exactly is gambling? At first I thought it was a sarcasm for the authorities. The students on Baihua campus are either rich or expensive, and they are all the elites of the future Neon Kingdom. As a result, it is their gambling performance that determines their ranking, that is, gambling skills + luck + courage. It shows that the reality is actually a group of gamblers gambling, and the same will be true in the future.

What also surprised me was the old one. For the first time, I knew that it was normal for the old one to come out of gambling. However, after discussing with the secretary, I felt that Lao Qian's technique was not very good, it was too routine. According to the words of the second season, "the differential treatment under the cover of powerism" may also be a manifestation of unfairness to the world. The foundation of gambling is supposed to be fair. When the foundation is shaken, what does gambling itself mean?

In addition, I have to mention the heroine Yumeko Snake, the first time I have seen such a charming character. She's got all the depressing qualities, and she's such a crazy beauty. I didn't like Mengzi's innocent heroine very much before, but I have to say that her charm is magical, and no one doesn't like Snake Mengzi. She is a gambler, loves the risks of the unknown, agrees to anything that threatens her, and is always chasing the next game of death. Her character is eccentric and simple, and she can be synonymous with gambling. She has all the delicate qualities of a gambler. If she is looking for the pleasure of pain in nothingness, she is challenging the unknowable future in existence.

In my opinion, Mengzi is the goddess of gambling, and she is the gambling itself.

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