After reading a lot of drama reviews, I feel that there is a bug in the debt settlement conference. Let me tell you my understanding.

Sheridan 2022-11-20 06:37:03

First of all, he borrowed 10 million from a friend, which means he has a debt of 10 million. It is not something that comes out of his mouth.

Then the friend's debt is transferred to the student union, which is equivalent to changing from owed money to the friend to owed money to the student union. If you lose, you will have to repay your ranking. If you win, you will earn the least debt. First of all, the student will feel that the other party has the ability to repay the debt. Accept it, it is impossible for anyone to come out and say that the student union owes 10 billion and accept it without looking at it. The student union knows that the bug is deliberately doing it, and makes fun of why no one dares to apply for a big one, so that no matter who wins the student union will make a profit! ! !

Not ten million! Whoever wins forgives the least amount of debt! This minimum debt is earned, and then the falsely reported debt is paid to others!

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