I think it can

Brittany 2022-10-26 04:25:51

I watched the new show "The Abyss of Crazy Gambling" and compared it to the comics. The animation scenes, music and characters are all worthy of praise. The most outstanding thing in my impression is that when I gambled with the chairman of the Traditional Culture Research Association, the animation was intentional. Putting a Prajna mask on the wall behind the president to form a clever foil with the exaggerated Yan Yi of the characters is really a wonderful adaptation. The last two episodes have been seen by many people as borrowing the scene design of "Chainsaw". I haven't seen the comics yet, and I don't know if it is also from the animation team. In addition, in the comics, the image of the heroine, especially the face is inclined to loli type (it is said to resemble Yan Moai), and the animation intentionally highlights her mature and sexy side, which is more in line with the plot requirements. In fact, including the hotly debated Yan Yi, it is also an exaggeration and reinforcement of the animation. The original work is not as hideous as the animation as a whole. In order to show the madness of gamblers in desperate pursuit of excitement, the animation uses extremely exaggerated and even ugly methods (compared to the beauty tendency of Japanese manga, it is actually just a little realistic; the last two episodes are simply rhythmic).

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