Lonely hero.

Constantin 2022-07-06 16:09:48

I also watched this TV series when I was very young. I didn't watch every episode, and I didn't remember even a complete plot, but I firmly remembered the name: Heroes and Lions.

I always remember the weird guy with long hair, ragged clothes and never smiling face, and also remember the woman who miraculously fell in love with this monster.

There is no loud music, and almost half of the shots are projected in night and darkness. That lone hero is always far away from the crowd, hiding underground. What's on his mind? Why can he live alone?

Why can a person live alone and silently? And stay safe! !

A man's darkness and loneliness, and his innermost tenderness that hardly anyone knows (except his lover).

I like this TV series, I like it so much... I really want to watch it again...

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Beauty and the Beast quotes

  • Vincent: Can I lead you through the dark?

    Catherine Chandler: There is no darkness, Vincent, when you're with me.

  • [season 3 voiceover narration]

    Vincent: In this city of night, in this city of millions, there are countless stories. This is one, of two lovers who shared a bond that changed their lives forever. It is my story. How compassion opened my heart to a world where goodness and truth were stronger than hate or fear. Then... one day, she was taken from me by the forces of evil she had battled so bravely. And now, alone with her memory, yet armed with her courage, I have sworn to fight those who would kill or harm or destroy in the hope that one day, I will find what all men seek to find: my destiny.