live-action beauty and the beast

Juana 2022-07-06 16:14:22

This is definitely a childhood memory that reveals the age. The most impressive TV series in the Zhengda Theater that I liked to watch before is "The Brave and the Lion". Back then, I didn't understand the combination of Beauty and the Beast, but I thought Vincent was very manly, and I always sighed that the make-up in this show was so good. It was only later that I found out that the English name of the show was Beauty and the Beast.

In my impression, the layer of window paper between the male and female protagonists has never been pierced frontally, so I'm in a hurry! Also, every time I see the female lead in trouble, the male lead falls from the sky like a superman, and then retires when he succeeds, it's simply too handsome.

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Beauty and the Beast quotes

  • Vincent: You'd sacrificed so much.

    Catherine Chandler: I would sacrifice everything for you.

  • Vincent: Can I lead you through the dark?

    Catherine Chandler: There is no darkness, Vincent, when you're with me.