once a week

Jamarcus 2022-07-06 12:47:06

Once childhood, every Sunday afternoon, looking forward to this date.

After the beautiful music, with the beginning of the monologue of men and women:
Vincent -
this is a world ruled by powerful people, it is her world;
it is very different from my world.
Her name is Kathleen.
From the moment I met her,
her beauty, passion and courage conquered my heart!
It was then that I realized that
she would change my life from now on.
Kathleen -
He came from a mysterious place and
covered his face in front of strangers.
to avoid hatred and harm.
He took me there to save my life.
Now, wherever I go,
he is always with me in my heart.

Our relationship is stronger than friendship or love.
Although we cannot live together, we will never, never be apart.

An adult fairy tale story, but it also makes people remember it as new.

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  • Mouse: Okay good! Okay fine!

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    Catherine Chandler: I would sacrifice everything for you.