To this show, my most sincere love.

Loraine 2022-07-06 17:29:01

I've watched it three times so far.

The first time was when I was very young. The dubbed version was broadcast by the Zhengda Theater. At that time, only the first season was broadcast. At that time, the impression was that Vincent was very gentle, and the crystal necklace he gave Catherine was so beautiful. If I could Living in the underground world without going to school and doing homework is good, and the voice of the dubbing Zhou Zhiqiang is very magnetic, so I have been thinking about this drama.

Then the second time was in 2015. After I finally found the resources produced by the treehouse subtitle group on the Internet, I dragged back excitedly to relive the ten episodes of the first season, but at that time I was too busy with work and often traveled abroad for business. It was put on hold after one season.

The third time is recently. It took more than half a month to finally finish watching 55 episodes of three seasons. It may be that the age and experience have increased. I watched it with a lot of emotion, and I started to watch this drama again! So I decided to diligently write a long article to express my love for this drama.

Let me start with some points that I want to rant about. The drama of the 1980s may want to cater to some soft × erotic × erotic tastes in the market at that time. Male audiences hope that the female characters have light and curvy clothes, and female audiences hope that the male characters are strong and have abundant hormones, so Catherine is really in this drama. She wears different styles of silk nightgowns at every turn to have conversations with other characters, and when she hears a knock on the door, she rushes out to open the door with a bath towel in the middle of the bath. It has nothing to do with the promotion of the plot, but she just let her wear so little. And Vincent often when the hero saves the beauty, maybe in order to emphasize his alpha strength or something, he repeatedly makes him roar, not worrying about wasting time or being heard in the quiet night, and seeing the gun pointed at him. Ai dodged and went straight away, and when the chest was eaten, the gun was carried by thick blood. Also, I used a lot of bloody filters when expressing some anxiety or dreams that hinted at the coming crisis, which made my eyes uncomfortable. And there was an episode about the main story of a pair of Chinese lovers in Chinatown, and it was embarrassing to the top. I can only comfort myself that in all the films and TV works produced by foreigners, Chinese people and Chinese culture may be so embarrassing. Then the fantasy part didn't explain how the part of Vincent that was special to ordinary people came from. Apart from being an abandoned baby, he didn't focus on his real life experience anymore, and the spiritual connection between the male and female protagonists also started suddenly. After Vincent rescued Catherine in the first episode, he suddenly sensed Catherine's danger in the second episode. As for the two suddenly disconnected at the end, and then had a child, that was even more metaphysical. Anyway, it is basically inexplicable and it is entirely up to the audience to make up their own minds without even a decent explanation on the surface. In fairy tales, they will explain that the prince was cursed by a witch to become a beast.

However, this show finally got me. In the middle of watching the show, I often switch back and forth between the first few moods on 嘤嘤嘤, aunt laughs, sighs, and chicken blood. It's so good, so good. Why so up? Because the skin of urban fantasy or modern fairy tale is peeled off, its core still tells a very romantic love story. The relationship between Vincent and Catherine is fascinating. On the surface, Catherine was violated and hurt by the bad guys from the beginning, and was saved by Vincent. But later, as the relationship between the two deepened, Vincent exposed a strong sense of self-loathing, and now it became Catherine as his savior. The identity conflict is also very dramatic. Catherine is a wealthy girl, with a good family background, sufficient education, and walks in the sun. Vincent has no identity, no blood relatives, and hides in the ground. It can be said that the two worlds have no intersection. , but happened to meet, and bound, destined fate. Catherine would never be able to mention Vincent to her relatives and friends, and the time they spent together was often only measured in hours, so instead, this relationship was filled with a sense of taboo against the world and the joy of stealing from time. The scriptwriters also deliberately wrote the lines of the two to be poetic and affectionate, such as the classic opening monologue of the two, which is transcribed as follows:

Vincent: This is where the wealthy and the powerful rule. It is her world... a world apart from mine. Her name... is Catherine. From the moment I saw her, she captured my heart with her beauty, her warmth , and her courage. I knew then, as I know now, she would change my life... forever.

Catherine: He comes from a secret place, far below the city streets, hiding his face from strangers, safe from hate and harm. He brought me there to save my life... and now, wherever I go, he is with me, in spirit. For we have a bond stronger than friendship or love. And although we cannot be together, we will never, ever be apart.

Then we talked about the characters and actors. First of all, Vincent's character is amazing! A non-human creature with a beast face and claws, haunts the dark night, with an unimaginable sense of mystery; he has never attended school for a day, but he loves literature and elegant music, and he writes poems, presents books, and invites the heroine to enjoy music What would it be; respect women, don't enter the apartment without invitation, always give Katherine her own space and support all decisions she makes; although she has high-level aggression, she has a dedicated humanity and gentle gentleman to relatives and friends demeanor; and, mind you, he also owns minerals to some extent. Starring Ron Perlman's interpretation of the role of Vincent is really unprecedented, and he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series in 1989. Ron is tall and tall (185cm), with a calm temperament, a gentle and low voice, excellent speaking skills, and eyes full of drama. His unique face shape and special effect make-up combine to create a wonderful charm, and to be honest Vincent's lion face is more attractive than his actual appearance. On the screen, he often wears a hooded robe and hides in a dark corner. When vehicles drive past, when a little light flickers, he can see his clear eyes under the hood. I was particularly impressed by one scene. Vincent was leaning against the wall of the underground passage, with his thick blond hair hanging over his shoulders. With the skylight leaking from the top, he slightly lowered his head and looked at the book seriously, his furry claws turned over. Fragile pages, that picture is too beautiful.

Not to mention Linda Hamilton, the square-jawed actress, many people are familiar with her as Sarah Connor in "The Terminator", a classic badass woman in film history, and her appearance is indeed suitable for such a strong role. But in Heroes and Heroes, she gave Catherine a more complex and three-dimensional character. Many of the supporting actresses in the play are more beautiful and sweeter than her, but she lacks the vigor and vitality in her. She completely plays the atmosphere of Catherine's urban women, and the childishness of facing her beloved. Talk to Vincent about this. The insecure fragility of unseen love, and the convincing tenderness of affection. But it is a pity that she left in the third season. The crew was forced to arrange a new heroine. It cannot be said that the screenwriter did not work hard. The new heroine is set to be smarter, more alert and calmer than Katherine. A little more delicate, this red-haired police detective Diana, I like this character alone, she is not like Katherine who is often in crisis and needs Vincent to rush to save the beauty. For example, there is an episode in the third season. Ma Zai sneaked into Diana's loft and planned to kidnap her. She amazingly carried out all kinds of self-rescue, and also showed amazing wisdom and self-control when solving the case. Although the new villain Gabriel is a bit talkative, a large number of lines still endow him with a twisted and dark personality, making the plot more ruthless and serious. But this is a drama that started with a fantasy love after all, and Linda's departure really took away the main beam of the drama. And Diana and Vincent just don't have that kind of chemistry. When the two of them stood together and made eye contact, the audience didn't have the kind of excitement that they wanted to kiss each other according to the pair of CPs. And for two full seasons of Wen/Kai life and death love, it makes no sense for Vincent to turn his head and fall in love with Diana in the third season. In the end, only half-season can be made and finished.

Then, as a show from 87-90, I would say that the show's aesthetic design and kimono transformation are really strong, with awards for best art direction, best costume, and best makeup. Maybe 2021 will see more sophisticated CG computer landscaping or more awesome ideas, but the scenes of the whole underground world, those revolving stone ladders, underground rivers, wind tunnels, waterfalls, intricate pipes , comfortable and warm chamber, with rich but not excessive colors, with just the right light and shadow, under the relatively low-definition picture quality, from the current point of view, it still presents a reliable texture, I even feel that some shots It's like looking at a painting. At the same time, Vincent's chamber, Father's study, Catherine's apartment, Diana's Loft, etc., the characters' clothing and props all conform to their role positioning. It is worth mentioning that the soundtrack is extremely beautiful. The episode at the end of the second season, The First Time I Loved Forever, won the 1989 Emmy Award for Best Song and Lyrics, and the soundtrack won the 1988 and 1990 Emmy Award for Best Song and Lyrics. Serial composer.

Of course, the screenwriter George RR Martin is also worth mentioning. This author, who is almost world-renowned for the series A Song of Ice and Fire, participated in the screenwriting and production of Heroes of the Dead in his early years. He is not the main creator, but he has written about a dozen episodes before and after, and he likes this drama very much. He also spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about how Linda's departure led to the end of the show. The excerpt is as follows:

"Linda was as surprised as everyone else when the show was picked. Everyone thought the pilot was well done, but like I said, they didn't expect it to actually go viral. We're not a big hit, but We were pretty popular as well. We had a good time in the first season. But I think Linda still wants to go back to making movies and she wants a baby. I won't go into contracts and legal stuff, but when When the time came to leave, she left. We needed to make a decision that wasn't what we wanted, we could find another actress to play Katherine; we could arrange for Katherine to die; or we could come up with An alternative, like suddenly she has to move to Australia. We actually thought about moving to Australia, but that seems like a weak end to a tragic love story.' I'm sorry I said I'd be forever Love you, but now I have a great job offer in Melbourne.' A plot like that wouldn't work. We had a choice between finding another actor and the character dying, we chose death because that itself is more Dramatic. Basically, I look back now and think we were in a no-win situation. I think we did some really good work in season 3, but the show is about romance at its core. It's Vincent And Katherine. We've got a new beauty, Joe Anderson, as Diana Bennett, she's an amazing actress. It's been a pleasure working with her. But you can't tell the world two seasons in a row 'this is a A love story through the ages, it's Romeo and Juliet,' and then season three suddenly says, 'Juliet? Forget Juliet. It's Romeo and Harriet. It's a different love story!' So it doesn't work. When love When the story stopped, our core audience left. If Linda hadn't left the show, we could have done it for at least five years."

Yes, I also hope that the show can really be filmed for five years, giving the screenwriter sufficient space and time, giving Vincent and Catherine a more perfect ending, and giving the audience a more satisfactory farewell. But not all episodes can get a good start, and Uncle Joe's own "Game of Thrones" is proof. Fortunately, in the first two seasons, at least I had a good love with Vincent and Catherine. Maybe I would like to take it out and revisit it every once in a while. This is not a divine drama, it is not perfect and regrettable. , but also the scars of the old drama of feelings. Let the past pass, just want to say, I am willing to give this show, my most sincere love.

=Add some small information about the relevant personnel of this drama=

1. British actor Roy Dotrice, who played Father in the play, had a cameo appearance in the second season of " Game of Thrones ", the alchemist who gave the little devil green wildfire, and Martin said that he originally wanted Roy to play Pycelle, a palace scholar in Game of Thrones Yes, but Roy ended up missing the role for health reasons.

2. Roy Dotrice, who also played Father, and Ron Perlman, who played Vincent, had two rides in " Hellboy 2: The Golden Army ". Roy plays the Elf King King Balor.

3. The makeup artist Rick Baker did the makeup for Vincent. His more famous special effects makeup include the movies " Men in Black ", " Wolfman " and " Planet of the Apes "

4. In addition to being a hard-working and prolific film and television actor, starring Ron Perlman is also an excellent voice actor who has dubbed many animations and games (this reminds me of another old man , Mark Hamill ), his latest The job was to voice the character Optimus Primal in the movie Transformers 6 . I will not comment on this series, but the English name of this movie is Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, there are Beasts, you guys. Then I searched for the role of Optimus Primal. The official translation is: God of Heaven, and its alias is Captain Gorilla / Captain Chimpanzee / Chimpanzee / General Gorilla, you guys. Let's take a look at the first movie " Battle of Fire " starring Ron . He was playing the ape in 1981. You can take a closer look. People in the industry may think that his appearance is naturally suitable for beasts, orangutans or apes, so it saves the makeup artist's troubles. (Maybe Vincent's lion face is really the best character he has ever played)

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