No matter how he ran into the snow, he couldn't stop them from melting.

Lenny 2022-07-19 19:45:09

At the Cinema des cineaste, less than 10 people watched the show. I was first drawn to the environment in which the story is told. At the height, there is about a certain ski resort in Switzerland, where wealthy tourists from all over the world are enjoying the fun of skiing. "Do you enjoy the snow today?" is the little boy's opening remarks to strangers, and it is also a way to get close to strangers and steal their things. At a lower place, there is an abrupt building in the surrounding mountains: the tower, the big tower, where the little boy lives.

In the middle of the film, the little boy said in the back seat of the car "she is not my sister, but my mother", we are as surprised, puzzled, and frightened as the man driving, recalling the little boy and "sister" we have seen before life, we realized that if the first half of the film is gradually shaping the character of the little boy, we suddenly realized that such a line appeared. It is better to say that in the first half, there is an extremely complicated mother in front of us: she eats Son's stolen sandwich, put on a stolen down jacket, and posed in front of him with jeans bought with the kid's reselling sled money, until later she saw that the son apparently wanted to get his mother's love back in the rich mother - if Without Lea Seydoux's childish face and mature body, and without her desperate cry in the car "what if he is my son? Will anything change?" A helpless mother whose son stole something but couldn't change anything because of life, was afraid and had a hard time standing up.

However, is it the mother or the sister?

The tourist season is over, along with Simon's livelihood, childhood, pride for stealing, and illusory maternal love. No matter how he ran into the snow, he couldn't stop them from melting. And how intriguing it was to pass by my mother/sister on the cable car.

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