How to deal with the terrible world

Jade 2022-09-19 11:35:07

So mature from birth,
a 13-year-old "adult" who wants to support her family, a "bad girl" who smokes, drinks, and promiscuous at the age of 30.
It is estimated that he has been so mature since birth, calmly stealing by himself, selling stolen goods by himself, buying milk and bread to go home by himself, washing clothes and cleaning up the house by himself. Then clean up the mess of "sister", no matter if she loses her job, smokes, smokes, hangovers, she has no complaints, she tolerates her, as if she owes her all the time.
doesn't know if she is too naive to make him too mature, or the other way around. She is a mother and he is a son. He feels that he has delayed his mother because of his oil bottle. He feels guilty that he has become a "father" and has taken on the responsibility that he cannot bear at this age. Jealous of her contacts, pampering her in various ways, buying new clothes and trousers, and acting like an ordinary couple fighting each other.
Unconditionally accept the fuckin'
world , while the hangover she spent all the savings he earned. And he didn't shed a single tear. The adult world is full of "Inglourious Basterds" and the soft heart is wrapped in a hard shell that will not be easily hurt.
And you still retain the innocence
of many, many quiet and long-lens snow-capped mountain scenery, the cable car going up and down the mountain from near to far, his ears, big eyes, innocent expressions, and a pair of snow-breaking sleds pulled all the way. Maybe one person faces the scenery, one person struggles to survive, one person bursts into tears, and calms down a little. When you see that she still cares about him in her heart, can you continue to shake hands with this fucking life.

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