A little research on the shadows of Lao Pa's forgotten ancestors (with pictures)

Willa 2022-07-04 20:22:51

At the beginning of the film, the gorgeous baroque red is used to capture the audience's perspective. The strong colors give the picture a poetic feel. The snow is hard to walk, the blood is flowing like a stream, and the smudges are in the shape of a peaceful spirit beast, which is contrary to death; the crucifixion of Jesus statue. , implying that the nation is suffering a huge disaster; the voice of childishness has been with me for a long time, the angel descended to the home of the kind-hearted young man chosen, in the hymn he picked up the lamb, and the foolish wife only blocked the window of hope; Thor was shocked, and all things were afraid , but the evil is getting more and more rampant; it is always the evil nature of all mankind to fight for the best, and it is a great irony for the conscience (kind-hearted youth) to choose to admit defeat; I still remember the day when the young man got his wife, a dove of peace flew out from the dark door, but Not to imply that the dark journey is coming to an end; solemn funerals are embarrassing, children (angels) from the window do not bring blessings from God; the people of this nation are as heavy as their earth; echoing the title: Forgotten Ancestors shadow.

The above is my humble opinion based purely on the unscripted video. Due to too many words, it was transferred to the long review. It is purely accidental that some of the emphases coincide with the diagrams below. I am delighted without fear.

The picture below has nothing to do with the individual, so it is not marked as original, and I hope to help fans who like Laopa. The end image is signed. Thank you for your research.

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